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Viña Casablanca Wine Plays Nice With Parties Of All Sizes

If you are looking for a weeknight wine to pair with dinner, something to bring over to a friend’s place or a gift for the holidays, Viña Casablanca makes great, well-rounded wines. Enter The Wines of Viña Casablanca Viña Casablanca comes from Chile and named after a nearby Appalachian of the same name. It was one of the first winemakers in the region and with the expertise from their winemakers, quickly became the next stop to make wine in Chile. The grapes are handpicked and 50-60% of the wine is spent between 6 to 8 months in French oak barrels percolating and seeping up all the nice smoothness and undertones from the wood. We attended a beautiful lunch at ONE Restaurant in Yorkville (pictured above) to learn more about these particularly good red and white wines. We paired completely different foods with the different wines and put them to the test, but they were so easy to pair, it really didn’t matter what we were having with them. We got the opportunity to meet Gonzalo Bertelsen, the winemaker behind Viña Casablanca, and taste two wines, in particular, a Reserva Ayra Cabernet Sauvignon and a Reserva Ayra Sauvignon Blanc. The Viña...Read More

Martell Blue Swift Brings A Beautifully Complex Warmth To My Heart

What keeps me warm on a winter’s night? A glass of Martell Blue Swift The creation of the Martell brand goes back 300 years. A heritage that is two times the age of the independence of Canada. Martell is the oldest of the great Cognac houses passed down throughout the Martell family. With a rich history comes the luxury of time, time to experiment, time to get the recipe right. Time to see how the grapes age, how they behave when they percolate in the barrels and how everything distills and steeps together to make the consistent, strong flavour of good cognac. What Is Cognac? For those who haven’t tried a cognac before, we can shed light on some explanation of the complex spirit. Cognac is an amber-coloured spirit made from the grapes from the Charente and Charente/Maritime region surrounding the town of Cognac, France. It’s made by distilling white wine and aging it in oak barrels for a minimum two years before blending different eaux-de-vie all together to create the desired flavour. The Difference Between Brandy and Cognac Cognac is a type of Brandy but differs because of where in France it’s products, Cognac, and the stricter way that...Read More

Chile’s Viña Tarapacá Has Two Deep Red Wines Perfect For A Dinner Party

Good dinner parties are the best, aren’t they? They give you a chance to socialize, relax, and spend time conversing and catching up with loved ones, people in the business or friends you haven’t seen in a while. I enjoy every time iYellow Living has a dinner party because they are beautiful hosts of an evening to remember, with beautiful wines from different countries providing the foundation for the evening. This wine, in particular, Viña Tarapacá, is a Chilean winemaker that has brought two new reds to the table. Two Gran Reserva red wines to be exact. One is a Carmenére, the other is a Cabernet Sauvignon, both deep in flavour. The Viña Tarapacá Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 This one has more complexity than the Carmenére, it’s about 7 years in the making. It uses vines that were planted 7 years ago. It’s aged for 10 months in used barrels and has about 5% of Cabernet Franc in it. It’s both not as smooth but it’s full of nice flavours. It’s not my favourite out of the two but it’s a close second. The Viña Tarapacá Gran Reserva Carmenére 2017 My personal favourite, the Carmenére is not only going...Read More

Moët & Chandon Celebrates 150 Years

There is nothing quite like enjoying a night of celebration with some champagne, especially with Moët & Chandon. That being said, champagne is the main ingredient in an elevated celebration. But, what happens when the champagne brand celebrates a big milestone? They must do something big. To celebrate 150 years in crafting one of the best party additions, Moët & Chandon has come out with a special, limited-edition bottle of their new Impérial Brut. Enter Moët & Chandon’s 150th Anniversary Impérial Brut The design of the bottle has been changed to display a lovely ribbon that wraps around the body of the bottle showcasing its newly reached age. The taste? Well, it’s the same great taste of Moët and Chandon of course. One of the nicest champagne going. Not too dry and not too sweet, it’s not the type of champagne where you have 2 sweet sips and leave it for the party runner to find later, half full. It’s one that I think you would enjoy and want to have more of. The Impérial 1869 Cocktail Interested in mixing it into a timeless cocktail? Try this. Ingredients 15ml Agave Syrup* *Agave Syrup: combine 1 part Agave nectar and 1...Read More

Carving A Ford Edge ST Around Cayuga Speedway

Driving a Ford Edge ST is a fun experience, but driving the Ford Edge ST around Cayuga Speedway in Cayuga, ON, is a whole different experience. You are probably used to getting into the car, strapping on a seat belt, hitting the road and going about your day. When you head to Cayuga, you are starting off the day with a racing helmet on. As soon as you put on the helmet, it becomes all business. It’s very seldom that you can enjoy an SUV to the fullest. Some take their SUV offroad, but I prefer taking it on the track. But, there are risks. It could to be too slow, there could be too much weight, the cornering could be bad, or worse, it could roll. But, how will the Ford Edge ST  perform around Cayuga Speedway? Enter The Ford Edge ST The helmet is on. Seat belts on. Push to start ignition. Adjusting seats. No need for mirrors. No need for indicators. Just the need for speed. We have a professional driver taking us around the track and then it’s my time. All of those video games, all of that controller time, all of that watching racing on...Read More

Raising A Gin & Tonic To Celebrating Hayman’s Long-Standing History Of Crafting Gin

How do you take your gin? I had the pleasure of celebrating the long, extended heritage of Hayman’s Gin at Oretta in Toronto, ON. It was an event that showcased the fascinating history of the famous gin brand and is a direct throughline to the origins of gin in London, UK, especially dry gin. Enter Hayman’s Gin of London Hayman’s Gin is currently the only gin being distilled in London, UK. Hayman’s Gin has been around since 1863 and they mentioned that if the original founders came through their location, they would mention that the London Dry Gin would have tasted the same as the one that was originally made. A direct taste and throughline back to the very beginnings that you can enjoy today. We had the opportunity to sample four of their gins, both straight up and within cocktails. I prefer a more floral and botanical gin, however, the Sloe Gin was very tasty and something that would be enjoyed for a while. I also had the pleasure of meeting the Father and Son, Christopher and James Hayman, both catalysts for driving the brand further and the blood line to the history and start of the company itself....Read More