The New 2019 Ford Ranger: A Work Horse

Canada loves trucks.

There is an interesting trend when it comes to luxury in Canada, one that may seem a bit backward when it comes to affluent neighbourhoods, especially in Toronto.

The unlikely appearance of big trucks in neighbourhoods like Yorkville.

In a place where you will find Ferraris, Audis and BMWs alike vrooming through the streets of Yorkville, you will see something else, something that garners even more attention and stands out like a sore thumb in the area, a big truck.

People are bringing more fun back into their drives, they want to be noticed, they want to drive and they want to feel in charge. Nothing quite provides you that feeling more than a truck, especially with a big stature and platform.

On more of the suburban parts of the city, if you are driving up north or out of the congested streets and highways, you will see big houses, with big driveways and a mix of both luxury cars, but also you will see the presence of a big truck as well.

It’s almost like the big truck is the pair of work boots that you can muddy up on your day-to-day, but then hop into your luxury sedan or SUV and head to dinner with friends.

We were privileged to go to San Diego, California, with Ford to test out their new 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat SuperCrew 4X4, the highest in the line-up of the newly anticipated Ford Ranger comeback.

The Lariat Ranger 4X4 SuperCrew was our favourite combination available to Canadians, coming with all you need to have a lot of fun and be comfortable.

The 2.3L EcoBoost will mean you don’t have to stop by the gas station anytime you want to go on a longer trip, while the 270 Horsepower engine with the Electronic 10-Speed Automatic gearbox will give you the power you need.

This truck is great for towing your speedboat up to the cottage with a maximum conventional towing of 7,500 pounds with 310 lb-ft of torque. While the FX4 Off-Road Package gives you the support you need going into more wooded areas, getting to that cottage.

For those who want the functionality of a truck but with a more comfortable ride, this is a great option. In my opinion, I found this car to drive more like an SUV than feeling like you are in a truck, and that’s a good thing.

Seems like truck interiors really give you the utilitarian look, but the ebony leather interior and the nice dash really sets it apart from the others.

The Ford Ranger SuperCrew 4X4 Lariat gives you the big bed with the 1,860 maximum payload, but it also gives you the four full-sized doors to get friends and family in and out more easily. Good for families that way too who don’t have to struggle with a tiny version of a door that is usually found on trucks.

The FX4 Off-Road Package we tried was terrific, the functionality, the angles that this truck can drive on is impressive, to say the least. We took the truck to a ranch just outside of San Diego and we went through more than enough situations to know that this truck can do just about any terrain you throw at it.

It was good in the mud, crawling through the slippery tracks, great over bumps and bruises in the road and terrific at climbing and descending from and to higher levels of elevation. I never felt like this truck couldn’t confidently get through something.

The Ford Ranger comes in different models, shapes, and configurations, but our recommendation would be to go with the SuperCrew 4X4 Lariat. With the size being more of a mid-sized truck, you are still getting a decent amount of space in the back while you are enjoying all the comforts of four, full doors. It’s a great combination that is both versatile and comfortable.

The Bottom Line

The Ford Ranger is back.

The mid-sized nature of this truck is needed, not overbearing and a very tightly wrapped package of a truck. With its manageable size, it’s a great workhorse vehicle for anything around the house and a great assist to have for any cottage. It’s also great for impatient drivers who want to hop the curbs at parking lots too. It can do just about anything you throw at it.

Try the new Ford Ranger Lariat SuperCrew 4X4 for yourself and ask about all of the different features and don’t forget to take it to where the Ranger is most comfortable, in the deep outdoors, cottage country.

For more information about the new 2019 Ford Ranger, be sure to visit Ford’s website to learn more about packages, customizations, and schedule a test drive at your local dealership.

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