Grand Touring Back To Quebec City In A 2020 Lincoln Aviator

Where we left off we were flown to Quebec City by Lincoln to test drive the new 2020 Lincoln Aviator, a new 7-seater luxury SUV, that is the first of it’s kind.

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First, we drove out of Quebec City and over to Charlevoix.

Then while in Charlevoix, we continued on up the St Lawrence River to a VIP whale watching experience.

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Continuing the story, it’s day three of our adventure and we have a quick breakfast before heading back to Quebec City for one more day and night of driving fun.

Traveling Back To Quebec City in a 2020 Lincoln Aviator

We fuel up on coffee and breakfast including these delicious and sugary maple syrup covered crepes, a delicacy in Charlevoix before loading up the awaiting 2020 Lincoln Aviators.

You know there is a good amount of luggage space in the trunk when it could handle three videographer and photographer’s bags and hard cases.

What also helps, is when you have your key in your hand and you are walking towards the vehicle, the car actually lowers while you are approaching it. This is particularly helpful when you are going to lift heavy luggage and equipment into the car, as to swinging it like an athlete in the Summer Olympics hoping to not hit the trunk.

We set off to our next destinations to load up on local enjoyments. We first went to a duck farm, sampled many different types of foie gras, which were so flavourful and tasty.

Next, we traveled to a cheese farm and we sampled and had some delicious cheeses, some of the best I have had in Ontario. It felt like it was the french version of the famous Cheese Boutique in Toronto.

Both were on large, scenic properties, surrounded by large trees with large elevations behind them. Beautiful places, both seem like something out of a calendar or brochure.

It really brought a new appreciation to the farm-to-table way of eating it was a good reminder that there are local farmers and people behind these great local goods. It was great being able to take bake a piece of Quebec back home with me.

We then drove an hour back to Quebec City. The lovely, elevated landscape was more and more beautiful as you get closer and closer to it. You are almost building up the excitement with every kilometre as you approach the city.

We headed to a coastal restaurant where we enjoyed our last lunch before heading back into the city. It was a cute little spot that felt like it had both the utility of boaters who come into the area to dine well and the local areas to enjoy a nice sit-down meal as well.

I loved the small winding roads leading to and away from the restaurant. You can feel the pull of the car as you are turning corners and accelerating up and downhills. It corners well and it wasn’t too wide on the narrower country roads. It also had lane assist, just in case you get a little too ambitious on one side of the lane when you are cornering. The latest cars in the Lincoln lineup have been good for having technology that doesn’t take away from the driving experience, mostly ads to it.

Beautifully, Historic Quebec City

We headed into Quebec City. Driving up to it from being north of the city is a beautiful experience. You see the intricacies and levels start to showcase Quebec City’s great beauty, with the Fairmont Château Frontenac being the cherry on top. The highways and roads that drop-down elevations or head around the city like it’s the Jetsons.

Coming into the city, we were reminded just how beautiful Quebec City is, with it’s tighter, European streets and stunning older buildings full of character.

One thing I have to say is that I really enjoyed Lincoln Aviator’s satellite navigation system.

It’s intuitive, accurate and for the first time, I actually saw that they started implemented 3D modeling into their maps. So, when we were pulling up to the gorgeous and stately Fairmont Château Frontenac, a little 3D model appeared, very cool.

We arrived at the famous hotel and I got into my suite. It was a traditional-style room but with a really upscale feel. I love a good classic hotel room that is really well done and it had a beautiful view outside of the windows of the famous green-oxidized turrets that shoot up from the top of the hotel.

A Delicious Dinner At Laurie Raphaël

After we got changed and bettered ourselves in every way visually, we got into the flight of Lincoln Aviators for an amazing dinner in downtown Quebec City. This was not just another restaurant, this was Laurie Raphaël. It was a chic restaurant that you enter through the kitchen to get to your tables, walking by the chefs that are about to make you an incredible meal.

It’s an experience I haven’t had before and one with beautiful table settings, wines and best of all, delicious foods.

We finished up our delicious dinner (as you can see above) and finished up our night at the bar for a drink at the Fairmont Château Frontenac, capping off a beautiful trip getting ready to leave back home early next morning.

The Bottom Line

The 2020 Lincoln Aviator, with its comfortable ride, features that complement the drive, power, and agility on different types of roads, it was a fantastic vehicle to have on such an amazingly visual road trip. After long hours of driving, I still felt refreshed after exiting from the vehicle. The Revel Audio system kept us entertained in the car and the massage seats under the 30-point adjustable seats were needed for long times on the road.

It was a great pleasure getting to explore the beautiful regions outside of Quebec City and Charlevoix, expanding my knowledge of Canadian beauty from the road and water. It’s a definite must to enjoy Quebec in the autumn, it looks stunning from every direction in the cooler October weather.

The whole landscape is colour, vibrant and incredibly gorgeous and it made for a perfect backdrop for an epic road trip in the 2020 Lincoln Aviator. Highly recommended.

To book a test drive, to build your own model and to learn more about the 2020 Lincoln Aviator, be sure to visit their website.

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