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Canadian F1 Driver Lance Stroll Gets Pole Position At Turkish GP

In Formula 1 racing news, Canadian Lance Stroll gets pole position at the Turkish GP. The Racing Point F1 driver strolled around the track in an impressive time of 1:46:765. Normally, for a dry version of the track that wouldn’t be that impressive. In today’s qualifying, the track was soaking wet, making it incredibly difficult to get around the race track without spinning or exceeding track limits countless times. Many drivers throughout the session were struggling even with the extreme wet tires, including Lance Stroll in the earlier qualifying sessions. However, as the track dried out, the tires held more[Read More]

The 2020 Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring Is One Commanding SUV

Are you looking for an SUV that has a big presence on the road but it is comfortable, easy to drive, and easy to enjoy? The 2020 Lincoln Aviator is the second-largest SUV in the lineup and can fit just about anything. This seven-seater SUV can fit your children, golf clubs, ski equipment, probably another car (although not tested). You can practically social distance yourself if you are sitting in the driver’s seat compared to if someone is sitting in the third row. When you get into this beast of a car, it’s designed well so you don’t have to[Read More]

The Porsche 2020 Taycan Is A Real EV Contender

One of the most prominent brands for over 70 years in Motorsport and in the automotive industry, Porsche has lots of performance pedigree behind their name. A lot of people know them as turbocharged, agile, petrol-powered sports cars, but they have been empowered by the idea of electric cars in hints throughout their long history. It first started with the Porsche GTRS Hybrid racing car. Porsche continued their focus on their next big performance challenge, Le Mans. This was met with many times the 919 Hybrid Evo coming back battered and bruised and each time Porsche continued to fix it[Read More]

Grand Touring Back To Quebec City In A 2020 Lincoln Aviator

Where we left off we were flown to Quebec City by Lincoln to test drive the new 2020 Lincoln Aviator, a new 7-seater luxury SUV, that is the first of it’s kind. Related: Starting Out Our Quebec Journey In A 2020 Lincoln Aviator First, we drove out of Quebec City and over to Charlevoix. Then while in Charlevoix, we continued on up the St Lawrence River to a VIP whale watching experience. Related: Dry Land In A 2020 Lincoln Aviator To VIP Whale Watching In Charlevoix Continuing the story, it’s day three of our adventure and we have a quick breakfast[Read More]

Dry Land In A 2020 Lincoln Aviator To VIP Whale Watching In Charlevoix

To recap from our last story, we were flown out by Lincoln Motor Company to Quebec City to test drive the brand new 2020 Lincoln Aviator. Read The First Part: Starting Out Our Quebec Journey In A 2020 Lincoln Aviator The story continues the next morning at the beautiful Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu that is more castle than a hotel. After an early morning exploring the grounds, we saw the cars, frosted as I could see my breath for the first time in 8 months. The cold was sharper than I remembered but I knew it was a fresh start[Read More]

Starting Out Our Quebec Journey In A 2020 Lincoln Aviator

When I was asked to test drive the new 2020 Lincoln Aviator, I was excited. Now, when I was asked to test drive the new 2020 Lincoln Aviator in Quebec City, I was ecstatic! First off, how beautiful is Quebec City? It’s one of my favourite cities in Canada for too many reasons to count. So, the opportunity to head over there, I cleared my calendar, made the arrangements and I took off to Quebec City. After leaving the airport, the group that I met up with there were shuttled to the iconic Fairmont Château Frontenac, more on that on[Read More]

Carving A Ford Edge ST Around Cayuga Speedway

Driving a Ford Edge ST is a fun experience, but driving the Ford Edge ST around Cayuga Speedway in Cayuga, ON, is a whole different experience. You are probably used to getting into the car, strapping on a seat belt, hitting the road and going about your day. When you head to Cayuga, you are starting off the day with a racing helmet on. As soon as you put on the helmet, it becomes all business. It’s very seldom that you can enjoy an SUV to the fullest. Some take their SUV offroad, but I prefer taking it on the[Read More]

Carving Through Tofino’s Coastline In A 2019 Lincoln Nautilus

Driving in Canada can be spectacular. I often forget just how beautiful the terrain and nature is. The winding roads, mountainous areas, coastal views and elevations from straightforward to curvy in every way. British Columbia is a great testing ground for a car. You have everything from extreme natural structures and landscape and some of the smoothest roads in Canada. I was flown out to British Columbia to try the different personalities of Tofino’s roads. Everything from cliffside paths, forest surrounded two-lane pathways, to logging roads and beach-side sand-covered asphalt. To tackle this challenge, we drove the new, and newly[Read More]

The New 2019 Ford Ranger: A Work Horse

Canada loves trucks. There is an interesting trend when it comes to luxury in Canada, one that may seem a bit backward when it comes to affluent neighbourhoods, especially in Toronto. The unlikely appearance of big trucks in neighbourhoods like Yorkville. In a place where you will find Ferraris, Audis and BMWs alike vrooming through the streets of Yorkville, you will see something else, something that garners even more attention and stands out like a sore thumb in the area, a big truck. People are bringing more fun back into their drives, they want to be noticed, they want to[Read More]

Racing Point F1 Team Launches Their 2019 Season in Toronto

This morning, the SportPesa Racing & BWT Racing Point F1 Team launched their 2019 F1 season and they chose Toronto to do so, two days before the start of the Canadian International Auto Show. This is important because of two reasons. This is the very first time that an F1 team has launched their season in Canada. But, more importantly, with Lance Stroll, a Canadian F1 driver. This will be Stroll’s second season in Formula One, but the first season with the Racing Point F1 team. Alongside Stroll is Sergio Perez, another talented driver, who has been on the podium eight[Read More]

First Look: The All New 2020 Lincoln Aviator

If you are ready for a new Lincoln SUV, you have something to look forward to this fall. Last week, I went to the launch of the all-new 2020 Lincoln Aviator at the dressed up, Evergreen BrickWorks. I will do more of a comprehensive review when I get my hands on one for a test drive. But, the stats right now listed on Lincoln’s website suggest a Twin-Turbocharged 3.0L V6 motor and a battery-fueled electric engine making it one of their most powerful cars with regards to torque. Something that I can’t wait to try out for myself. I had[Read More]

Volvo Offers A Convenient Vehicle Subscription Service: Care By Volvo

How would you feel about pulling up in a new car every year? A lot of people like the idea of having a car but worry about the maintenance, the extra costs if you blow a tire, etc.. They just want to conveniently get into a car and start driving without thinking about the nuances of wear and tear. It’s like comparing to living in a condo versus living in a house. The convenience of living in a condo, not worrying about the maintenance and solely enjoying the amenities. Keeping everything very lifestyle-focused. Care By Volvo is the new vehicle[Read More]

The 2019 Mercedes G-Class SUV Looks As Good As It Sounds

Mercedes has decided to do something interesting for it’s latest in luxury SUVs, the 2019 Mercedes G-Class, and it is making a lot of noise in one of the most creative ways we have seen. Mercedes wanted to change things up and work with a Toronto not-for-profit organization, The Remix Project, to create a Spotify playlist of songs using the sounds from the car itself. Something creative and out-of-the-box ideas and collaborating with local talent sounds like music to my ears! We attended the exclusive listening party at the Only One Gallery, which is a great space. Last time we were there,[Read More]

Comparing The Lincoln MKZ Reserve 3.0L and Hybrid in Tofino

Hybrid or Combustion Engine?  Which would you choose? Driving two of the same model of car back-to-back is a real treat, especially if one of the models is the hybrid version of the other. With test driving two in quick succession of the other, it’s easier to see details, notice differences and learn more about each car through their separate personalities instead of waiting days, weeks, months for the opportunity to learn more about each of the cars. Lincoln Motor Cars flew me for another test drive with them in British Columbia, but on the trip from Nanaimo to Tofino,[Read More]

Getting Back To The Spirit of Driving With The 2019 Ford Bullitt Mustang

There comes a time where an icon is reborn. Could be in sport, music or entertainment. Usually, it’s years and years of high-level competition, an iconic scene or a feeling you get when you see something on the big screen. 50 years go by and if people still talk about it, desire to see it and still ask questions about it, it’s an icon. We spent a week with an icon, a movie star in many ways. A car that has been shaped many times over the years, but it’s spirit still remains. Over 10,000,000 Mustangs made off the Ford[Read More]