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In Ford Mustang Heaven At The Woodward Dream Cruise

The classic car, Ford Mustang, is iconic for different reasons. You can dress it up, modify it or keep it standard and it is one of those cars that brings a timeless style to the streets. Whether you have seen movies like, Gone in 60 Seconds, I am Legend, or of course the 1968 GT390 Fastback screaming through San Francisco in Bullitt, there were so many iconic movies where you pictured yourself as the wheelman. We recently attended the Woodward Dream Cruise with Ford Canada to see just how passionate the Ford Mustang community was. And we were not disappointed. The[Read More]

One Of The World’s First Porsche Roadsters Comes To Toronto

The Porsche 356 No.1 Roadster is a large, beautifully crafted piece of automotive history. The car was first brought and introduced in Geneva and recently celebrated its 70th anniversary and it’s looking great for its age. I would love to see more cars to pay homage to their ancestors as automotive moves to better materials, technology and smaller more powerful, electric motors. Wouldn’t you love an electric version of this in 2019? Last week, I was invited by Porsche to see the historical car in person. It was a hot and sunny day in Toronto last week as the Porsche 356[Read More]

The Jaguar I-Pace Delivers

By: Loukia Zigoumis Jaguar has been one of the finest luxury car companies since 1935, creating visually stunning, ground-breaking vehicles; now Jaguar is also the first luxury car brand to come out with an entirely electric vehicle—the I-PACE—and it’s designed to impress. While Tesla got us all thinking about electric vehicles, it’s the Jaguar I-PACE that’s going to make everyone want to own one. Jaguar’s tagline—Born To Perform—holds true for their brand-new electric vehicle, the I-PACE, as I quickly found out when I put it to the test during the global media launch in Portugal. The Jaguar I-PACE has been[Read More]

Porsche Celebrates 70 Years of Sports Car Dedication

It’s really tough to think about sports cars without thinking of Porsche. They have been a staple for desirable sports cars for decades. Whether found featured in movies, magazines, racing series or driving through your neighbourhood, Porsche’s timeless, yet modern look has continued to morph and transform over years of driving, racing, engineering and design. Whichever era you know the most in Porsche sport cars, there is a Porsche for everyone to enjoy. I have driven a Porsche 911 around the racetrack at Area 27 in Oosyoos, British Columbia, and was just so impressed how a street car can turn[Read More]

Powerfully Coasting In A 2018 Lincoln Navigator Reserve

It’s a similar experience to heading out on a boat for the first time. First Impressions You sit down on comfortable leather seating, plenty of space to look around, open/close compartments, kick out your feet and feel the interior hold you in. After climbing in, you try to adjust to the new and larger size, the new feeling of driving through bigger space. The new feeling of cruising along the waves instead of feeling the hills and valleys of water in a smaller boat. But, when you are finally out on the water, and fully adjust to the length and[Read More]

Grand Touring Brings Jaguar And Land Rover To It’s Expansive Dealership

When you look across the bridge on Dundas Street East in Toronto, going over the water, bike pathways, highway below, a massive building emerges on the other side with a list of recognizable and exotic car logos spread across like a billboard. This is Grand Touring Automobiles’ home in East Toronto. Almost looking like a headquarters for a team of popular superheroes, this modern, multi-layered and levelled building spans almost a whole city block on one side. We were invited to the welcoming of Jaguar and Land Rover to this Grand Touring Automobiles’ location and we couldn’t be more excited. [Read More]

Spending A Day Like A Celebrity in Toronto With The Lincoln Continental

Celebrities always have an interesting life, inside or outside of the tabloids. Whether it’s living, driving or just being at lavish events or doing lavish things. It can be quite the life. But, what’s it like to live like a Celebrity in Toronto? We find out…with the Lincoln Canada team and the all-new Lincoln Continental. You don’t have to be a celebrity to live like one. But, you can enjoy a day like one, and here’s how. A Start Atop A Hotel We started our day on the rooftop of the Bisha Hotel and Residences, where we are briefed on the[Read More]

Lamborghini Opens New Dealership North of Toronto And It Was A Car Enthusiast’s Dream Night

Picture this. You are driving up to a long driveway, you see hundreds of cars parked to the left, hundreds of cars parked to the right, all the way up to a new dealership, and most, if not all the cars parked, are Lamborghinis. That was not imagined, it happened at the new Uptown Toronto Dealership for Lamborghini. That was not even the entrance, that was just the road up to the dealership. The actual entrance to the new dealership had valet service bringing through Lamborghinis of all models, shapes and colours, whisking them away to be parked, while some of[Read More]

Exploring Different Terrain In Quebec With GMC

For a lot of Canadians, activity in every season and being in the great outdoors is just a part of life. Whether you are used to skiing when you were younger or a natural on a mountain bike, dominating different terrains is a part of our social fabric in Canada, so what happens if you are looking for a car that has the same appreciation for the outdoors? You may have your sporty car, so perhaps you want a car you can dirty up, to handle some different scenarios and can give you the storage you need, but all while[Read More]

Ford Wants To Change Your Expectations into Expeditions

When you own a large SUV, your world opens up. It’s a mix of a nice-to-have a vehicle, and in some cases, it’s a need-to-have vehicle. Just adding space, storage and the ability to transport larger numbers of people. That’s basic stuff. Any car company can do that. Ford wanted to be a little different, they wanted to take the expected and exceed it with its Expedition. The Ford Expedition is their top-of-the-line SUV. It’s the flagship, it’s at the head of the table, it’s the boss. And with the growing luxury SUV market, it wants to make an impression[Read More]

Maserati Chooses Saskatoon As Next Spot for 9th Dealership in Canada

We just thought you should know. The drive through the prairies may not be so boring anymore, Maserati has just opened a new dealership in Saskatoon. This will be the ninth dealership for Maserati in Canada, showing some strong Canadian love from the Italian automotive brand. For the first time in Saskatchewan, Maserati Saskatoon will be showcasing and offering their Ghibli, Quattroporte, Levante, and GranTurismo coupe and cabriolet. A big step in the focus of Canadian luxury automobiles in Canada. A big step in the right direction for luxury automobiles in Canada. The dealership will also include all car enthusiasts’ favourite brand, Alfa[Read More]

Driving A Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Around Jacque Villeneuve’s Area 27 Racetrack

Previously on LXRY: A team of racing enthusiasts and media from all over Canada drove ten Porsche 911 Carrera 4S all over British Columbia in hopes to test all aspects of the car. We take the infamous Sea-To-Sky highway to Whistler, stopping on the way to enjoy some unexpected Off-Roading in Callaghan Valley. For the final post in the series, we take the Porsche 911 Carrera 4S around a racetrack designed by one of the best Canadian drivers in history. We pick up our story at the Four Seasons Whistler where we enjoyed a nice breakfast before heading out to a[Read More]

You Wouldn’t Expect A Porsche Cayenne To Do This Kind Of Off-Roading

Furthering our first post in the series, Driving British Columbia’s Sea-to-Sky Highway in a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S To Whistler, we continue our Porsche Performance Tour of British Columbia with two teams of 911 Carrera 4S’ up from Vancouver to Whistler through the Sea-t0-Sky Highway. During our trip we found ourselves being radioed in to head to a destination to park our cars on the side of the road. Waiting there was a shuttle that took us to this outdoor recreational area in Callaghan Valley. There sitting for us, were five Porsche Cayenne all lined up like ducks, all ready to be taken[Read More]

Driving British Columbia’s Sea-to-Sky Highway in a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S To Whistler

What if you had a week to experience everything on-and-off the road in a Porsche? I mean everything. City streets, mountainous winding roads, snow, hail, rain, off-roading and driving full-tilt on the track. You probably thought it wasn’t possible to really find all extents of the car in such a short time. Well, for the Porsche Performance Tour in British Columbia, all driving conditions found us and we conquered them all. We started off with a meeting at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport where we paired up and found a driving buddy. BC Living Magazine writer and Yacht enthusiast, Lisa and I[Read More]

Finishing Off Our 3,200 KM Road Trip Exploring Northern Ontario

On the last episode…We traveled from Toronto to Thunder Bay in a brand new, fully-loaded 2017 Ford Explorer SUV and explored some of Northern Ontario, further than some people in the city have even thought about going. This instalment finishes off that 3,200 KM road trip on some of the most scenic roads in Canada. We are excited to show you. Don’t scroll down too fast, we want to set it up first. To recap the trip, we went from Toronto to Sudbury, Timmins, Moonbeam and over to Thunder Bay. Our Scenic Trip Home Thunder Bay is one of those[Read More]