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There seems to be always something going on in Toronto’s downtown core. So much so, that there is an apply named ‘Entertainment District’ that spans trendy restaurants, bars, and nightlife.

It’s the place to be, especially if you are visiting Toronto for the first time or want to stay central in the city for you to go in every direction.

In the heart of the entertainment district is Bisha Hotel and Residences, a newer hotel and residences that are located in the epicenter of it all.

Whether you are having meetings in the financial area, watching a sporting event, having dinner with friends downtown, detoxing down by the harbourfront or navigating through the shops at the newly launched Stackt Market, you have a lot of options to choose from.

The Bisha Hotel sits tall with a beautiful brick exterior platform before shooting with reflective glass. The older brick exterior was actually retrofitted from a Toronto theatre building.

Upon entering, you are welcomed with a chic black and white lobby before checking into your suite.

A Suite At Bisha Hotel

Walking into suite 405, you have a small entranceway with a powder room for a last-second check before you are out for the night.

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From there, it opens up to a common living room perfect for getting together, sitting down for room service or heading out to your very own. Enjoy a larger, mini-bar, some snacks or just relax.

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Separated with a door for additional privacy, hour bedroom also has a tv and chair with comfortable beds and noise-reducing windows.

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Moving to the huge bathroom, you have his and hers sink, some beautiful art on the walls, a big soaker tub that’s large enough to fit someone taller than 6’, with multi-faceted, and multi-fauceted, shower and separate toilet enclosure.

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Overall, the room boasts a great place to relax with lots of space to invite friends and family over to enjoy the large living space.

A Night In At The Bisha Hotel

The Dining Options

When it comes to the dining, you have a few options within or steps away from your hotel room. There are three different options to choose from to give you variety if you want to stay close to the hotel’s proximity. You have Akira Back, KŌST, French Made and Master C Bar Room.

Mister C’s Bar Room

The Mister C’s Bar Room itself has a lobby bar that stretches back with comfortable seating. It is stacked with a long bar and DJ booth, perfect for a hotel party. The drinks are mixed well with entertaining bartenders that don’t mind socializing.

bisha hotel toronto lxry 9

View more about Mister C’s Bar Room.


One elevator trip and you are at KŌST, a rooftop restaurant, bar, and outdoor lounge.

Amongst the different choices for dinner, I made my choice at KŌST simply for the amazing rooftop it has in the city. It’s definitely our choice for the best rooftop of 2019.

bisha hotel toronto lxry 7

With a staggering view of the CN Tower, that seems to be almost attached to the podium of the space when you walk in, this rooftop patio gives you almost full panoramic views of the city to enjoy.

bisha hotel toronto lxry 6

The best time to go to KŌST, in my opinion, is just about 45 minutes before sunset, that gives you a chance to enjoy your meal or dessert with a beautiful sky filling the room while you are there.

bisha hotel toronto lxry 8

Ora King Salmon | $32. Basil orzo, kalamata olive, tzatziki, fennel, vine tomato, and mint

Being there in the morning too gives you a calming feel, almost found on the west coast as you are above all the noise, hustle and traffic of the city below.

View more about KŌST.

Akira Back

Akira Back is the other restaurant on the Bisha Hotel footprint that you enjoy a meal. The restaurant boasts a great list of Japanese food items to share or to indulge by your own fork. The environment is great for dates, a fun dinner before out on the town or a group meal with everyone present.

View more about Akira Back.

French Made

If you are looking for a place to refresh in the morning before you head off in the car back home or off to the airport for your flight, the French Made cafe is a great coffee spot for some caffeinated energy, sandwiches, and snacks. It even has a nice street-side patio out front to enjoy some vitamin D before your destination.

View more about French Made.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to Bisha Hotel, it’s right in the middle of where you want it to be in the city. If the beautiful weather is blanketing the city in warmth and sunshine than the KŌST rooftop is the place to be for appetizers, drinks, and a full meal. Plus, who could beat that view overlooking the city.

Bisha Hotel has a lot of different hotel suite styles to choose from an individual, couple or family looking to spend some time in Toronto. Their suite styles really give you a range if you want a quiet night in the city or something a bit more lively.

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