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LXRY Magazine Turns 7 Years Old.

First off, I want to personally thank you. The last 7 years have been an unbelievable journey for me. I started LXRY Magazine with a mission to better Canadian companies and showcase Canadian luxury to a higher standard. Which at the time that I started, ‘Canadian luxury’ seemed like an oxymoron. It reminded me of a joke I was told when I was just starting LXRY. “Want to find Canadian luxury? You head to the airport.” Assuming that you had to go elsewhere for the finer things. Now, things have changed. I am floored by the massive expansion of luxury[Read More]

What To Do In An Afternoon in Gananoque

I’m in beautiful Gananoque to familiarize myself with a new condominium development called Stone & South Condominiums, by Kingston, ON developer, CaraCo Development Corporation. My day was filled with different adventures over the course of two days. After getting here,  I was happy to explore a place I visited as a child but was too young to remember. My journalism colleagues and I took the 2.5 hr Via Rail from Toronto to Kingston; then drove to beautiful Gananoque, which only took about 20 minutes. We dropped our bags off at the Gananoque Inn and walked to a catered lunch at the Thousand Islands Boat Museum to learn about all the different activities and experiences the Museum is creating with schools around the area.[Read More]

LXRY Q&A: Som Seif, President and CEO of Purpose Investments

There are some people who we think live with a lot of passion for what they do. Dedicated to each aspect of their life with the fullest conviction. We feel this way about Som Seif, President & CEO of Purpose Investments. He is an active CEO and a very active CEO when it comes to cycling, outdoors and enjoying time in nature. The balance between work and life is a responsibility that he carries well. The investment of time and energy into himself and what is important to him is clear and seems to carry throughout with his work with[Read More]

What’s Another Word For Luxury?

A lot of people have different ways to describe something like the word luxury. There are a lot of luxury synonyms, that could change the feeling of whatever you are writing about depending on the word you use. The word luxury has different meanings and definitions, however, the word itself is thought-provoking. Luxury is like an abstract painting when you hear the word, you only think about what you consider luxury. Everyone thinks about their ‘luxury’ differently. It’s like the definition of the word ‘success’, everyone’s version of success is different. Their personal success is not yours. Their luxury is[Read More]

Entertain With A Mix of Two Oceans

Whether it’s enjoying a Tuesday night watching The Bachelorette Canada, having a romantic dinner or catching a nice bottle of wine as a gift on your way over to a friend’s house, it all can revolve around a bottle of good wine. Two Oceans bring an interesting story and product line to Canada, with their wine originating from South Africa, inspired by where two oceans meet. It’s all about two great things coming together. It could be where two groups of people meet and need something to bond over. It could be two people spending time watching their favourite show together. Whatever it is, it’s all[Read More]

SUITS: Season 4. Are you ready?

Backstabbing, in style. Breaking the life, with swagger. And relationships always on the line for your name on the board. SUITS is back for season for coming in June and we can’t wait. See the trailer for it below. Post by Suits. Why are we posting this? Well, we are big fans of the show and it’s also filmed in Toronto! Buckle your seat belts, season four should be a good one.

LXRY Weekender: Toronto

Here is a collection of pictures taken from the lovely people of Toronto about how they are spending their weekend.[View the story “LXRY Weekender: Toronto” on Storify]

How To Knock Off A Luxury Bag

The headline might have grabbed your attention, the same way it grabbed ours. This is a brilliant ad because it actually showcases the Saddleback Leather bags and what makes them different from cheap knockoffs. A must see. Luxury brands take note. Enjoy! [Image source]

LXRY 3.0 Has Officially Launched

You may have noticed a couple of changes to LXRY recently and we are excited to give you the tour! With 2014 in full swing, we decided to give our third update, and we think it looks damn good. With new energy, new functionality, and new opportunities for different kinds of posts, you, the educated and curious reader, will enjoy the ease of reading, the more quippy language, and more posts that are about to come your way. After winning second-place in the Canadian Weblog Awards, we also decided that if we want to win that award, we are going[Read More]

LXRY Makes The 2013 Canadian Weblog Awards Top 5 Shortlist

We are very proud to be nominated for an Elan Morgan’s 2013 Canadian Weblog Award for best blog in the General Interest category. We were notified that we made it to the Top 5 shortlist with the announcement of the winner happening on December 7th! When we started, we never expected that we would be nominated for an award, we were just following our passion for luxury and bringing awareness towards all things beautiful in Canada. This is the second year in a row that we have been nominated for the Canadian Weblog Awards and fingers crossed, hope we bring it home![Read More]

A Gourmet Night at The Castlefield Theatre

Last month marked the launch of The Castlefield Theatre but we were invited to a sneak peek of the recent transformation of the beautiful venue. We were invited to The Castlefield located just north of the ever-so-busy and vibrant Yonge & Eglinton area, and we didn’t know what to expect. We were taken into a beautiful wrap-around bar area in which light music, wine, and Hors D’ouerves were being served up with the great conversation and great company. Next thing you know, Brandon Michael Lee, wedding and event planner extraordinaire and friend of the magazine comes out allows us to[Read More]

Converge 3.0 At The Windsor Arms Hotel

Converge 3.0 was the third Converge event hosted and presented by Madflower Creative Group and Omega Group, which showcased a great mix of two events, the exclusive Showcase Panel followed up by a wonderful networking gala Last Thursday, we attended Converge 3.0, a wonderful event that brought film enthusiasts, TIFF fanatics, and one of the biggest names in the film industry, The Weinstein Company. First Impressions One of the things that really brought attention to the small side streets off of Bloor street, one of the best shopping destinations in the world, was the two cars…correction…two tanks parked out front. What an impression! Seeing two Knight[Read More]

Microsoft’s The Power Of One Event: Launching XBox One

Last Monday night we attended Microsoft’s Power Of One Event at Bloke & 4th and it was quite the party! It was the launch of the XBOX One, where new gamers, loyal XBOX fans, and more headed to the screens to check out the latest games on the newly released system. The event was filled with everyone from the advertising industry to singer/songwriters to everyone in between. The vibe was great, mingling, connections were being made and everyone was is great spirits for the night. One of the games to watch out for is definitely Forza 5. This game looked beautiful.[Read More]

LXRY Attends: The TIFF Bachelor Party

Friday night, we attended the TIFF Bachelor Party put on by Eligible Magazine, a party that all the Eligible women were waiting for and talking about. Why? Well one of the biggest reasons was the special guests. Michael Stagliano, Ed Swiderski, Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Kiptyn Locke all from ABC’s The Bachelor series attended and had everybody’s eyes on them. When you got into Cove ThirtyOne, the entire mood there was shifted to one side of the room (even though the floor was full) as the four bachelors relaxed and enjoyed the attention on the far side of the floor. Also[Read More]

Dîner en Blanc Toronto

Last night, we attended Dîner en blanc, a worldwide phenomenon that has everyone around the world dressing to the nines (in white) and enjoying a massive and beautiful picnic into the evening hours. Last night over 1,600 guests were welcomed into this unknown location in Toronto to enjoy an organized chaos of beautiful scenery, food and entertainment. The location for the event is always a mystery until it is announced two hours before, not leaving much time, but preparation definitely paid off. First Impressions We were one of the first to arrive in this area in Queen Street East and[Read More]