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LXRY Attends: Sorel 2012 Fall/Winter Preview

Location: Nyood – 1096 Queen Street West When you have such a household name like Sorel boots, coming up with brand new designs and new campaigns that breakaway from the traditional styling of Sorel, is tough to do. But for the 2012 Fall/Winter collection looks like it has done just that. The preview was located at the Nyood in the West Queen West area, was the presentation room for the new styles of boots that were on showcase for the upcoming colder months. Nyood provided a lot of space, comfortable seating and a nice open area for the shoes to be[Read More]

The Fairmont Royal York Hotel

Location: 100 Front Street, Toronto, ON What does having a vacation in the middle of downtown Toronto feel like? With all the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s hard to imagine. But, there is a place located in the heart of Toronto that has been their since 1929 in which you can experience a downtown vacation, even if you are from around the city. That vacation spot? Enter The Fairmont Royal York Hotel The Fairmont Royal York Hotel is located across the street from Union Station in Toronto and spans an entire city block. With a beautiful illuminating sign[Read More]

LXRY Attends: #SprungTO

Location: 561 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON. When a lot of beautiful, outgoing, fashionable people happen to be in one room together it results in a wonderful and social atmosphere. Last night was the #SprungTO event hosted at the stylish, long-roomed Gafas Optical Store, in the Queen West area, where influencers around Toronto gathered to talk about eyewear, music, luxury, and their personal projects. SPRUNG was an invite-only event that attracted interesting and passionate people from the Arts, Fashion, and Entertainment communities. What was the soul reason for this event? It was the motivation of luxury brand photographer and designer,[Read More]

LXRY Previews: Toronto’s World MasterCard Fashion Week

Starting today, World MasterCard Fashion Week (FSHN WK) 2012 is happening in Toronto at David Pecaut Square now until the 16th. Major designers prep for one busy and fashionable week, showcasing their newest designs, fabrics and dressed-up models branded with each designer’s signature style. You can register for tickets at The Fashion Design Council of Canada (FDCC) has organized Wold MasterCard Fashion Week that will add an exciting and vibrant energy to Toronto this week. This event will house more than 30,000 industry professionals and lots of photographers, bloggers, and social media fashionistas under the large entertainment tent at David Pecaut Square.[Read More]

LXRY 2.0 Update!

Here is what is happening at LXRY! We just introduced LXRY 2.0, our new website design! This was our design before: And here is our design now!   Our new Design is a lot cleaner, with bigger pictures and more space to increase readability! Also, our newest update is now optimized for iPhone, iPad and Android phones! What inspired the change? Well, we had a hacking attempt happen on our system, a phishing scam, and to ensure the safety of our website, we completely restructured it to improve security and prevent any more attempts. While restructuring, we made things look a[Read More]

LXRY Visits: Montreal

Last week, we ventured to Montreal and had a great time there with great weather to match. We snapped some pictures of Old Montreal, and to anyone who hasn’t been there, we highly recommend that you check out these great places! Some great places to eat:  Le Cartet (Breakfast/Brunch) Location: 106 McGill St Montreal,QC H2Y 2E5 (more…)

Welcome to LXRY Magazine

LXRY Magazine (Luxury) is a Canadian online digital magazine focusing on comfort and extravagant living. This Magazine promotes luxury goods and services that are targeted towards readers that want to strive for more in their life. Even though this magazine displays material goods, it’s the idea of continually improving your life and striving for a higher status of living to reach more of your potential. LXRY plans to show products and services that are luxurious and also feature people and businesses in Canada that are who are striving for or have obtained a status of extravagant living. LXRY Magazine will[Read More]