Breitling Store Opening-14

Breitling Opened It’s Doors in Yorkdale To Eager Watch Enthusiasts

We had the opportunity of going to the new Breitling store before it opened in Yorkdale Shopping Centre. This is the newest of their many locations in Canada, so it’s nice to see the historic watch brand expand more north of the border.

The showroom is tailored to the buying habits of hundreds of Canadian and North American buyers. If it’s your first time to the store or if you are an avid customer of the brand you can find something that works for you.

We love that Breitling listens to their customers and it shows in the collection of watches they have displayed. They have all the classics and they are expanding their lines through Bentley (like the Bentley B06 S shown below from the Breitling For Bentley collection), but they are also attracting new customers and even millennials with the introduction of a $2,500 Colt Skyracer option. This is a great option, considering most of the timepieces average around $8,500 in price. The Skyracer is a great starting point for new consumers to start building their collections.

The watch boutique is bright and splashed with an emphasis of the classic yellow colour. We love the use of cartoon, post-war pop-art inspiration that you can find throughout the store.

This adds a much-needed pop of colour compared to other stores around the Breitling store in their place in Yorkdale.

As soon as we were done our exclusive showroom tour, five minutes go by and they find their first purchase of a watch worth more than $6,000.

Congratulations and welcome to the neighbourhood, Breitling!

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a beautiful watch that has a lot of aviation history, a lot of style and some interesting and unique looks to it, try a Breitling on. If you are a new customer, discover the models, learn more about the history. If you are a Breitling enthusiast already, enjoy a new shopping experience and boutique for you to pick up your next new favourite model.

See where Breitling Yorkdale is located and learn more about their models, collections and their extensive aviation history on through Breitling’s website.