The Citizen Tsuyosa: A Bold and Colourful Everyday Carry Watch

In today’s world, where fashion meets functionality, Citizen Tsuyosa is not only immensely popular at the moment but also makes a colourful choice as a great everyday carry (EDC) watch. Today, we give the Citizen Tsuyosa its flowers and tout it is more than just a timepiece, but a statement of style, durability, and fantastic value. It can make another colourful option that you don’t have to worry about sporting every day (even when travelling) or even consider a great first-watch option for those who are interested in the world of automatic watches and don’t know where to start.

The Nuances of the Right EDC Watch

Everyday carry watches are designed to blend seamlessly into your daily life. They are robust, stylish, and practical. The Citizen Tsuyosa is a prime example of such a watch, offering a unique combination of aesthetics and sturdy design for what life has to throw at you.  The lineup of Citizen Tsuyosa watches includes plenty of bold colours too. They include the yellow that you see here, black, dark blue, dark green and the popular Robin’s egg blue.

Citizen Tsuyosa Yellow NJ015 Watch

The Heritage of Citizen Watches

Citizen, a renowned name in the watchmaking industry, is known for its commitment to quality and value. The introduction of the Tsuyosa line is a testament to their craftsmanship, and attention to detail and is in the pocket as one of the best gifts to give someone, even if they are watch enthusiasts.

Citizen Tsuyosa Yellow NJ015 Watch Clasp

Design and Aesthetics

The design of the Citizen Tsuyosa can be both dressed up and dressed down, making it suitable for various occasions. Its sleek lines and modern look appeal to a wide range of styles.

Durability and Resilience of the Citizen Tsuyosa

When it comes to EDC watches, durability is key. The Tsuyosa is crafted to withstand daily wear and tear, making it a reliable choice for the active individual.

Versatility and Practicality

An essential characteristic of a great EDC watch is versatility. The Citizen Tsuyosa is designed to be your go-to watch for both casual and formal settings. You can add a pop of colour under a suit, wear it casually with a T-shirt and jeans or find yourself on a sunny vacation wearing it all day by the pool.

Citizen Tsuyosa Yellow NJ015 Watch Side

User Experience and Comfort

Comfort is crucial for a watch you wear every day. The Tsuyosa’s 40mm case size makes it a great size for most watch enthusiasts out there.


  • Model: NJ0150-56Z
  • 8210 Calibre Movement
  • Vibrations Per Hour: 21,600 VPH
  • 21 Jewels
  • 3-Hand with Date, Automatic
  • Power Reserve: 45 Hours


  • Stainless Steel
  • 50m water resistance


  • 40mm Case Size


  • Stainless Steel with Clasp


$595 CAD

The Bottom Line: The Citizen Tsuyosa Is A Bold Everyday Carry Watch

The Citizen Tsuyosa is not just a watch; it’s a statement of those who can pull off a bolder style, a testament to durability, and a showcase of technological innovation. It’s the ideal EDC watch for those who value both aesthetics and functionality in their timepieces and just generally want something colourful. Whether you’re at the office, away for the weekend, or enjoying neighbourhood hopping in the city, the Citizen Tsuyosa is designed to be your reliable companion, blending seamlessly with your lifestyle while standing out for its colourful design. This can also make for a great first watch for those who are interested in automatic movements, an alternative to smart watches or something colourful.

Some people may find that the water resistance is not high enough for an everyday carry watch or that the crown could be a bit easier to manage when setting time, but it really comes down to preferences and even the activities people will find themselves in.

For more information on the Citizen Tsuyosa NJ015 watch, be sure to visit Citizen’s website.

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