Enjoying Time With Mombacho Cigars

Claudio was a young man, working in Dominican Republic as a school teacher, teaching Italian to youths and people who were interested in learning a new language. He was smoking cigarettes on his breaks, passing time, getting a little space between marking homework and teaching. But there was something missing for Claudio at the time.

His friend served him up a cigar and that was it, that was his eureka moment.

He was curious about cigars, he loved the taste, the smell, and the social aspect of them. But, the biggest thing he liked about it, about this one cigar, that it gave him time.

He liked the aroma, the smell, and flavours, but what he really wanted was the time spent to enjoy a really nice cigar, the time he has to be patient, the time he has to take time for himself and the time he spent enjoying life a little bit more.

Unlike spending time by yourself, he was investing time into himself.

Claudio learned and started working with one of the biggest tobacco experts in the industry, Henki Kelner, having him mentor Claudio’s movements, skills and time spent learning every small details on what makes up a great cigar.

He gained all his skill and then wanted to share it with the world, so he joined Mombacho where he could personally work with the blends and join a family not just a company.

The time invested, the hours spent rolling, learning, crafting, experimenting with flavours have all been towards the wonderful brand, Mombacho.


Enter Mombacho

The often strong aromas of a cigar have long been looked upon as a sign of success and power.  A status symbol developed over hundreds of years.  Typically when you are in the presence of cigar, you feel it.  But the balanced and smooth smell of a Mombacho is not strong nor invasive, it’s intriguing and all are welcome.  On a patio with a Mombacho one will often notice that people are intrigued by the sweet smell rather than displeased.

Claudio always talks about how a cigar doesn’t have to be a status symbol anymore and how everyone should enjoy and is always welcome in the Mombacho family.

What Makes Mombacho Different?

Many cigars take about 4 years from seed to smoke. After the cigar is rolled it is aged for a minimum of 6 months.  This is very unique to Mombacho since most cigar companies will pack their cigars to ship shortly after they are rolled.  Mombacho believes the cigar needs time to rest and let the flavours naturally come together.  Mombacho also use 3 different rolling techniques to get the perfect draw. They are definitely made with care.

Claudio is the cigar master and looks over operations in Nicaragua at the beautiful Casa Mombacho, a paradise in Nicaragua that focuses on the family aspect of business instead of check-in/check-out employees. He travels worldwide to spread the word about Mombacho Cigars to different people who might enjoy the taste of one.

If you are ever in Nicaragua, we suggest you check it out.

Matching Your Cigar

When it comes to enjoying a Mombacho, there should be a lot of thought that goes into the pairing of it. What do you enjoy it with? What is a good beverage with it?

There are different options, my friends.

We are going to break things down in terms of time of the day. However, whatever your preference and lifestyle, you can interchange these options below:

Before noon: Mombacho paired with a nice quality coffee
Afternoon: Mombacho paired with Oolong Tea
Evening: Mombacho with Smooth Rum

LXRY Rule of Thumb: If you are looking for a quick way to pair your cigar with liquor, try to match the colour of the cigar with the colour of the liquor. Although, people would more prefer the taste of contrasting flavours (i.e. sweet and spicy)

Mombacho Cigars

The Bottom Line

With so much care, Mombacho focuses on balanced cigars that are a treat and make your head turn in a good way. They are also very well respected. Even mega businessman Mark Cuban has been seen enjoying one from time to time. The idea that you can take time back for yourself is what drives Claudio to make these products with all of his heart and soul. It was amazing sitting down with him and going through the products, experiencing the aroma and enjoying some great conversation.

We asked Claudio,

LXRY: When do you like to enjoy Mombacho for yourself because a lot of people enjoy cigars after a success’?

Claudio:“I enjoy cigars at the start of my day, to prepare me for success.”

So whatever your pathway is to success, travel it in your own vehicle, your own way.

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