GMC Terrain Denali_

Exploring Different Terrain In Quebec With GMC

For a lot of Canadians, activity in every season and being in the great outdoors is just a part of life.

Whether you are used to skiing when you were younger or a natural on a mountain bike, dominating different terrains is a part of our social fabric in Canada, so what happens if you are looking for a car that has the same appreciation for the outdoors?

You may have your sporty car, so perhaps you want a car you can dirty up, to handle some different scenarios and can give you the storage you need, but all while looking stylish.

So, instead of bottoming out that convertible when you head up north, you may want to consider the 2018 GMC Terrain, Denali edition.

Enter The 2018 GMC Terrain, Denali Edition

We traveled out to Quebec, just north of Quebec City to look for a car that we think would be a great second or third car. Or even one good for yours or your kid’s adventurous side.

We were with a group of journalists and lifestyle bloggers, exploring the capacity and capability of the new Terrain. The underlying fact is, after we sat down for a briefing, is that GMC aspires to be for the professionals, which was echoed with the #LikeAPro hashtag they projected to us through video and posted up on different materials.

Professionals could come in different forms, construction managers, business professionals or even professional mountain bikers.

So, we were excited to see what role we could play in this experience.

The GMC team prepared a packing challenge, where if you had a campsite, including a full kayak, you could fit it in the Terrain. And after taking on the challenge, the car practically ate the campsite whole.

Next, we were taken through the car and shown the new GMC Infotainment system.

This showed off the new system that we, at LXRY, coin the ‘double-dual‘ Bluetooth system. The double-dual system consists of Bluetooth connectivity for both Android and Apple CarPlay systems in the same system.

This new system allowed for User Profiles to be created, tailored to your preferences and settings. Everything from the music, to the lighting, to the points of interests all could be tailored to your preferences. These user profiles can be also transferable towards other new and upcoming GMC vehicles.

We stepped into the Denali edition, with an upgraded exterior, interior and engine. The 2.0 L turbo engine helped us get off the line faster and the ride was smooth, even on eventual rough terrain.

The car itself brings a utility to the crossover class but with the Denali edition, you get a little bit more.

We took the car on different terrains, different locations all over Quebec. We first went north to the Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier just about 30-minutes north of the Entourage sur-le-Lac Hotel & Resort we were staying at.

The park tested us with different winding roads, narrow passing gravel spacings and rocky undertakings that the Terrain took in stride. It was a very comfortable ride with the suspension taking the impact needed for us not to be distracted from driving.

We enjoyed some beautiful and scenic kayaking. Although the water was chilly, we had some spectacular views.

After heading back to the hotel for dinner, we found ourselves enjoying a nice feeling after kayaking, two words, heated seats. You don’t know the joy of feeling of heated seats after kayaking. Extremely pleasant.

We were informed that we were the first corporate event that was ever at the Entourage sur-le-Lac Hotel & Resort, pretty cool! We love superlatives.

After a good night sleep and a delicious buffet breakfast with the whole GMC team, we went on our final activity, mountain biking.

Nothing could be more of a tie-in to the Terrain than Mountain Biking in Quebec. It’s one of the most intense experiences of my life and I was exhilarated after it. It was scenic, had a sense of dangerous, exhausting and so much fun. It was a feeling of, ‘I can’t believe I just did that’.

The mountain biking and scenery did make me think of my many times up north, going through tough Terrain in Muskoka. I remember, after storms, having to go over fallen trees, branches, and rocks everywhere in our path to get to a cottage on the side roads and private drives. I know I wouldn’t want to bring a sporty car through there, I would want to take a car that I don’t have to worry about. I know it could have handled those fallen trees and terrain no problem, all while listening to Frank Sinatra on my Apple CarPlay, with my heated steering wheel, in comfort.

After getting our heart rate down and quickly showering and packing up, we were off to Quebec City for a final brunch before having to head back to the airport.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a great second or third car, even one for your teenager as a first car, this is an option to look at. It really depends on what you are looking for in a car. If you are looking for a car that is built on refined sporty experiences that you don’t like to get dirty, than this car may not be the car for you. But, if you are looking to be active, enjoy the car, the ride, and the spacious and leather-surrounded interior, while having some piece of mind, then I would take the 2018 GMC Terrain for a test drive.

It’s good for a wide range of people or professionals. Whatever type of professional you are, enjoy it #LikeAPro would.

For more information about the 2018 GMC Terrain, Denali Edition, visit their website.