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Dropping In On Breitling’s Canadian Flagship Store In Toronto

First off, Breitling is a name that’s synonymous with beautiful, yet utilitarian watches, that are rich with heritage. They are one of my favourite timepiece brands just because they really stand out on the wrist when you wear them. Whether it’s different looking divers, their wrist straps, their complex dials or their rich colours, Breitling provides timepieces that have a long staying power. Having an exclusive experience at their opening of their Yorkdale Shopping Centre store, we wanted to head right to the source. The main location for Canadians to get their hands on their favourite Breitlings at their Showroom[Read More]

All Four Seasons Of Lacoste 2019

Looking for Lacoste’s latest line-up in clothing for 2019? Lacoste is a four seasons brand now especially with the launch of their autumn/winter 2019 collection, which will get to in a moment. The Lacoste brand has changed from just being polos and collars to something much more. The Lacoste brand is evolving to include new line-ups, different flavours, different colour patterns, and for different people. People who wear Lacoste will be surprised and people who don’t usually wear it will be delighted. You seem to have something for the Canadian snowbird, golfing or playing tennis down south or the teenager[Read More]

Toronto Favourite Over The Rainbow Has A New Home

If you have been shopping in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood for jeans for over the last 40 years, you might have noticed the gem, Over The Rainbow. The store itself is a Toronto institution in a lot of ways for its selection of premium denim and the charismatic family that runs it. The decision to expand to a new, bigger and better location in the heart of the Manulife Centre at Bay and Bloor, a central location for one of Toronto’s biggest shopping strips, the Mink Mile, for high-end fashion buying. The expansion has brought a larger space, a dedicated spot[Read More]

Hamilton Watches Love Being In The Movies

People idolize those who are on the big screen, but what they wear can have a big impact as well. When it comes to dynamic fashion accessories, watches are seen on most action stars in a scene and are sometimes used when it comes to the crucial timing of a scene. Additionally, great watches can also make the characters look more rugged, more formal, or even more futuristic. In this case, Hamilton Watches have a strong tie to cinema from a wide range of movies, with their products being featured from movies like the futuristic Men In Black and the[Read More]

Roots Helps Make Long International Flights A Bit More Comfortable

Have you ever had a long flight and you were just uncomfortable the whole time? More and more passengers are dressing more casually for long hauls these days. Specifically, in athleisure wear. However, the last thing you would want is to seem too comfortable, wearing old, tattered comfy clothes. You want something of quality, made well and that will keep you nice and comfortable throughout the whole flight. Especially, if you are in the air for 10+ hours, you want to be cozy, warm and not be in something that may wrinkle. But, how would you dress for the longest haul[Read More]

Casio G-Shock Celebrates 35 Years In Tough Fashion Watches

After more than 100 million units shipped, Casio’s G-Shock celebrates it’s astounding 35 years in business. 35 years is longer than some luxury watchmakers, so seeing this company brave the changing climate of fashion, culture, and society is quite the achievement. G-Shock watches, in my opinion, have always been associated with streetwear. The colours, the toughness of the watch, and the collaborations over the years and the partnerships have all allowed people of all sports, states, and styles to enjoy G-Shock watches. G-Shock has gone global, attracting pro golfers, ambassadors and fashion-forward thinkers of every sense to the brand. Even[Read More]

LXRY Q&A: Jessica Stepanova, Fashion Model

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica Stepanova, a fashion model born in Prague who has traveled all over the world who now calls Canada home. We chatted about challenges within the fashion industry, how she prepares for a big shoot, her ideal weekend and hobbies and things she is interested outside of modeling. Enjoy! HERE IS OUR LXRY Q&A WITH JESSICA STEPANOVA LXRY: How has your life changed since you moved to Canada? JS: I have definitely been made available to more opportunities. Toronto is super multicultural and becoming a young adult in a place with so many diversities[Read More]

Her By Burberry: The Rebellious And Fun New Spirited Scent

Your scent can be something that draws people in, giving you confidence even when you pass someone or intriguing those around you. There is a lot of serious scents out there, but which can embody a fun and life-loving spirit? Her Eau de Parfum from Burberry is just that scent. I would describe it as a rebellious look with a touch of classic. Much like edgy makeup and hair with a classic Burberry trenchcoat. Or a woman wearing a tuxedo and top hat instead of a gown at a Royal Wedding. It’s a spirited, confident scent with a nice, sweet[Read More]

Mr. Burberry Brings An Aromatic English Coastal Cologne To Your Wardrobe

Picture yourself standing by the rocky coast on the perimeter of England. In the sunshine, the colours are vibrant, the green grass pops off the yellow. The rocks bleed through it all and create the structures and land masses. Below are small, cut-out beaches that are pockets to enjoy, formed by the giant rocks. The wind picks up, blows the bottom of your light trench coat to the sides as you take in the vast view of water meeting land masses. The English coast is a unique experience, something you would want to bottle up and take with you. It’s[Read More]

LXRY Attends Richard Mille’s Grand Opening in Toronto

Richard Mille is a watch company that is radically different than the others. They create timepieces that seemingly jump off people’s wrists through their designs and strong pops of colour. There are uniquely shaped watches and there are Richard Mille shaped watches. The bold shape, richness of colour, either fully involved or accented on a small dial, provides a viewing experience unique to the Richard Mille brand for almost two decades. Even the addition of crystals on their timepieces even makes them shine even more from your wrist, adding that extra little bit of extravagance. The brand was born in[Read More]

LXRY Q&A: Lauren Howe, Miss Universe Canada

When it comes to being Miss Universe Canada, there is a combination of different strengths you have to showcase that not only represent the face of Canada to the rest of the world, but the face that represents Canada in general. The person has to be strong, willing to take criticism, put up with politics, physique, knowledge and strategy and that’s just for the competition while she is there. Before that happens, the amount of hours, strength, mental focus and compromised time to make something big like this happens, has to be focused on getting the accomplishment. The award of[Read More]

Lacoste Celebrates A Milestone: The Crocodile Turns 85

Lacoste comes from the roots and mechanical brain of a particular athlete, René Lacoste, over 85 years ago. He was a tennis player who used to have to wear long-sleeved shirts and even ties while he was playing in the heat, running reactively towards his next shot. He realized that there was a better way to stay cool, look presentable and with this idea in mind, brought something new to tennis back in 1926, the invention of the polo shirt. Nicknamed ‘The Crocodile’ from other tennis players for his skill and based on what we have read, biting style on[Read More]

Raffi Jewellers Highlights New 2018 Baselworld Collection of Rolex Watches

It must be tough to be a Rolex designer. Taking heritage pieces that are both classic and iconic, and changing them up to appeal to new customers and have collectors get excited about them, all at the same time. For us, we wanted to see these new models first hand, excited to see if the designers at Rolex were up to the challenge. And they most definitely were… Enter Raffi Jewellers We received car service from Toronto to Square One to attend the Raffi Jewellers’ preview event surrounding the new Rolex collection that was introduced at the international 2018 Baselworld World[Read More]

It’s Time For Tom Ford To Launch His N°001 Watch

Tom Ford is following up on some news he mentioned over a year ago, and he is making good on his word. He is getting into the men’s watch business with the addition of the new Tom Ford N°001 watch. It takes thousands of hours, experience and dedication to your craft to make a luxury brand and any new addition is a risk to the brand itself. Especially, if that brand wants to embark into new territory. Over a year ago, Tom Ford announced his plan to create a new watch and now is the time. The fashionable American brand[Read More]

Roots Canada Brings A 4D Experience With Their Northern Light Event

What can you do you innovate the fashion show to make it more of an experience? You work with technology. But, also, you bring together music and culture into the roots of what you are doing to make it more of a performance than a fashion show. Roots Canada accomplished just that with their Northern Light event at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto. We were greeted to our first ‘coat check’ event of the season, as the weather had us thinking about warmth, flannel and overcoats. We levelled up to the next floor and the room opened up[Read More]