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Breitling Opened It’s Doors in Yorkdale To Eager Watch Enthusiasts

We had the opportunity of going to the new Breitling store before it opened in Yorkdale Shopping Centre. This is the newest of their many locations in Canada, so it’s nice to see the historic watch brand expand more north of the border. The showroom is tailored to the buying habits of hundreds of Canadian and North American buyers. If it’s your first time to the store or if you are an avid customer of the brand you can find something that works for you. We love that Breitling listens to their customers and it shows in the collection of[Read More]

Tiffany & Co. Marks 10 Year Anniversary With A Beautiful Upgrade To Their Flagship Store In Vancouver

Happy 10 year anniversary in Vancouver, Tiffany & Co.! To celebrate, Tiffany & Co. has opened its doors to its newly renovated flagship store on Burrard Street in the heart of the retail district in Vancouver. The store has expanded to two floors with beautiful winding marble staircases on each side as you come in through the tall ceilinged entrance. How nice. You can feel like the newly renovated flagship store had the customer experience as a top priority, after all, these meetings at Tiffany & Co. could be celebrating the start of a monumental moment in your life. So, with such[Read More]

A Conversation With Leeah Kim: Image Consultant

We get this a lot. We see people with a lot of swagger, but not a lot of style. It doesn’t matter how much money they have or if you are just starting out, style requires style. Luckily for those who need it, or think they don’t need it but their friends should speak up more…there are image consultants. Image consultants are great for confidence and more, but I won’t tell you, I will leave it to the professional. So, we interviewed Leeah Kim, an Image Consultant and Founder of StyleSet. She carved out some time and told us about what[Read More]

Hilary MacMillan Brings Colourful Energy To 2016 S/S Collection at WMCFW

Featured photo by George Pimentel. Last night, we attended one of our favourite Canadian designers, Hilary MacMillan for her 2016 Spring/Summer collection. Hilary always draws big crowds and popularity is certainly growing for the story telling designer. The collection stemmed from the nineteen-seventies time period, which is considered to be a staple time for women’s liberation and it was filled with a spirit that is still envied to this day. Last year, Hilary made her way to Tanzania to volunteer in a children’s home in the village of Mto Wa Mbu. Just the optimism alone from the children motivated her to show[Read More]

Archives Boutique – Exclusive gems in the heart of Yorkville

By: Pamela Putman. Jaleh Farhadpour has a true eye for beauty, and nothing could demonstrate this more than the unique assortment of designer jewelry and accessories displayed in her luxury Yorkville boutique. Archives is the sole carrier in North America of Pristine, which in itself was no easy feat. It required 13 months of negotiation to woo this ultra luxury brand, where it previously could only be found at Colette in Paris. If scarcity is a strength, then Archives is positively Herculean in the competitive field of high end designer stores in Toronto. Beyond this however, is not just the[Read More]

Tiger of Sweden Launches AW15 Collection

By: Brigitte Truong With Post-Punk vibe Tiger of Sweden showcased their hotly-anticipated Autumn Winter 2015 collection last week at its flagship store in Toronto. This season sees the classic Swedish brand adopt an understated post-punk look which was made popular by the 1970‘s German band, Kraftwerk. With calculated colour blocking, oversized silhouettes and daring prints, the latest collection is perfect for the fashion forward man and woman looking to revamp their wardrobe next season. A notable mention goes out to the electronic print available in the full Jil Suit, which is just one of many bold editorial pieces at the[Read More]

LXRY Exclusive Interview: Fashion Photographer Victor Demarchelier

Victor Demarchelier, son of legendary fashion photographer, Patrick Demarchelier, sat down with us for a brief interview. Yorkdale Shopping Centre is launching it’s Spring 2015 campaign, What’s Next, with Victor as their very special guest! Here is our interview with Victor Demarchelier: LXRY: Tell us about yourself. VD: I was born and raised in New York. I grew up with the fashion industry and would say I had an early appreciation for both photography and fashion. When I was in college I studied economics and fine art but loved printmaking. I’ve always loved creative things so shortly after college I got more into[Read More]

TOM* Fashion Week Aims To ‘Trump’ Last Year’s Debut

How’s your wardrobe? Do you stand out or stay back? Trump Toronto is teaming up with TOM* Fashion Week for it’s second showpiece. The first one was showcased at the Royal York Hotel, but knowing the Trump Residences Toronto, they will do a great job hosting the this year’s TOM in Trump-esqe style as the platinum sponsor of this year’s event. Much like Trump, if you want to live in a statement piece, you might want to consider what you wear. Men, need help finding that new look to make you stand out and be noticed? Then you might want to consider heading[Read More]

Aleks Susak Debuts Bright and Beautiful SS2015 Collection

Last night, we attended Aleks Susak’s fashion debut at the very versatile 99 Sudbury. Here, a packed room of Toronto socialites, fashionistos and fashionistas, and business people alike filled the seats of this beautiful wide and industrial event space for Aleks Susaks’ first fashion show. Period. Editor’s Note: Even friend of LXRY, Chanel Breckenlehner, current Miss Universe Canada, was in attendance before heading off to take on Miss Universe competition in Miami next month. We love the bright colours and simplistic patterns of Susak’s designs and how she uses subtle hints of colours on the front and very vibrant prints on the[Read More]

Strellson Opens Up Second Monobrand Store in Bayview Village

Strellson, a Swiss international fashion brand has now opened it’s doors in Bayview Village Shopping Centre. The 840 sq. ft. is stocked with all of your favourites and some new Fall/Winter season items to build your wardrobe going into the colder months. The store is fresh, modern and industrial, a nice change from the other stores at Bayview Village. We are very excited to bring our brand to one of Canada’s premiere fashion malls,” says Mark Altow, President of Strellson Canada. “We’ve been looking to expand for awhile and I couldn’t think of a more perfect fit for our second[Read More]

WearToday: The New App That Makes Your Wardrobe Social

Want some fashion inspiration? Love someone’s look but not sure where they got their clothes from? The app, WearToday, is great solution for those problems…and more. WearToday is a daily dairy for creatively dressed individuals. The ones who are checking out the blogs, people watching in the fashion districts, and stopping people on the street to ask what they are wearing. This is for you. If you want to showcase your chops, style and swagger or get inspiration from some other stylish individuals, WearToday is a great app for that. How does WearToday work? 1. Download the app 2. Open and create[Read More]

Infographic: A Guide To Men’s Shoes

A few years ago, Men’s shoe designs were lacking. Classic Black and brown dress shoes, Converse Sneakers, running shoes, and that really was the spectrum. It wasn’t until recently that colours, textures, and patterns (usually reserved for high-end shoes) are now found everywhere that sells soles. Here is a great guide to buying, pairing, and styling men’s shoes. A Guide To Men’s Shoes via Cool Daily Infographics  

Yorkdale Brings Shoppers Even More Luxury Retail

Yorkdale Shopping Centre been very busy…to say the least. They have completely brought luxury to the area, where decades ago, didn’t have anything. Accessible by transit, tons of parking (yet almost always full), it’s continued to bring brands unique stores like Tesla to it. But it’s done it again. Yorkdale has brought even more luxury retailers to it’s skylight shopping centre, making it a hub for luxury shoppers all around the Greater Toronto Area. If you want to find out more, read the full story from our friends at Retail Insider: YORKDALE CREATES A WORLD-CLASS LUXURY WING

LXRY 360: Day Five At 2014 WMCFW

MADAME MOJE Madame Moje is a Canadian label featuring luxe ready-to-wear women’s clothing for the modern and confident woman. The designs are most noticeably recognized for their distinctively feminine silhouettes The sexy @coryleemusic love watching you on @TheNextStar #supergroup awesome seeing ou @WMCFashionWeek @Madame_Moje — Taylor Kaye (@Taylor_Kaye) March 22, 2014 #fromthefrontrow @madame_moje #FW14 on Day 5 of @WMCFashionWeek. #WMCFW #Toronto #FROW #TorontoFashionWeek — Fashion Savage (@fashion_savage) March 22, 2014 Finale @madame_moje #FW14 on Day 5 of @WMCFashionWeek. #WMCFW #Toronto #fromthefrontrow #TorontoFashionWeek — Fashion Savage (@fashion_savage) March 22, 2014 Hilary MacMillan Hilary MacMillan is a Toronto-based womenswear[Read More]

LXRY 360: Day Four At WMCFW

CLAUDETTE BY CLAUDETTE FLOYD & HELMER The brand goes beyond its elegant dresses in developing the expansion of its collection, while adding a ready-to-wear line which includes various styles of pants, jackets, coats and skirts. HELMER: By democratizing and opening a mass market, the luxury brands can no longer provide the unique and exclusive. dish with 20 years of experience with breasts larger houses Haute Couture, Helmer offers to the cosmopolitan who wants to stand out with subtlety. — Martin Hui (@Martin_Hui) March 20, 2014 Can we talk about this Claudette Floyd dress? I’m in love here. — emely[Read More]