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AllSaints Brings Confident British Style To Canada’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre

British born brand, AllSaints Spitafields is no stranger to the fashion industry.  The company originally started out in the wholesale industry, although, their beginnings are hardly humble, selling to the likes of Harvey Nichols and Harrods.  The brands urban centric aesthetic is what has built them such a devoted following and provided them with consistent growth. Currently standing at 66 stand-alone stores in the UK, US and Europe, this will mark the brands first location in Canada. The new store stands at around 40 feet tall and makes quite a statement amongst some tough competition in Yorkdale. It’s hard to[Read More]

Mulberry Brings Luxury English Fashion Into Canadian Market

[I]conic British lifestyle brand, Mulberry is making its way to Canadian customers; a welcomed release, after years of only being able to purchase their famed leather bags at Holt Renfrew locations. Their first ever Canadian retail location is set to join the ranks alongside many newly joined luxury brands and will stand next to the renowned brand Cartier in Yorkdales new luxury wing. Canadian shoppers can anticipate the same quality and craftsmanship of their handbags applied to the rest of their accessories and ready-to-wear items. Their spring collection sports classic silhouettes paired with on-trend influences brought on with the definitive[Read More]

Yorkdale Shopping Centre Plans For $331 Million Expansion

$331 Million, a large value to improve an already thriving shopping centre. Yorkdale Shopping Centre wants to get even better than it already is. It wants to approve to new generations, audiences, and attract more of a lifestyle shopping experience to their customers. Yorkdale Shopping Centre has long been a main standing destination for all Canadian shoppers. On April 8th 2013 , the shopping centre announced their 298,000 square foot retail expansion, set to be completed in the Fall of 2016. With continuous rapid growth, the Yorkdale is on the fast track to become a full-fledged lifestyle destination. The centre not[Read More]

The Next Generation of Holt Renfrew: hr2

Throughout the past 175 years, Holt Renfrew has made its mark as a Canadian staple for luxury retail. In continuing to keep its legacy strong, the high-end department store is now taking its iconic magenta history a leap forward into new territory. Catering to the likings of the modern young and trendy shopper, Holts is introducing a new chain of outlet concept stores aimed at mid-market: hr2. hr2 is unlike any shopping experience in Canada thus far. Stepping into the store, visitors will be greeted with a lively, colourful and modern shopping experience met by new weekly arrivals in womenswear,[Read More]

SAVVY! Brings Fashion Obsession To The Spoke Club

It’s Toronto Fashion Week, where many, if not all fashionistas in the Toronto area gather, take notes, pick up on what’s next in fashion trends and mingle with some of Canada’s top fashion crowd. Many of those representatives are fashion obsessed, spending hours designing mannequins, reading blogs, and sketching down ideas to make their own runway show. For many self-made stylists fashion week is a chance to doll up, buy new clothes, get noticed and just be scene at some of the trendiest fashion shows. For both groups, fashion can be much more than a passion, it can also be an obsession.[Read More]

Part 2: Treccani Milano’s Perfect Fit Bespoke Shirts and Accessories

How do you look and feel like a million bucks? Looking like a million bucks is something that is very tough to do with something that isn’t made specifically for you. It’s very rare that you have a shirt, suit or pants that you buy off the rack that are made specifically for your dimensions, shapes and sizes. When you buy something that is made specifically for your body, it’s yours. It’s your size, it’s your dimensions, and it’s tailored specifically to you. Having a shirt that is made specifically for you provides the feeling of power, because the shirt[Read More]

LXRY Attends: BoutiqueMonique Vintage Store Launch Party

Style is timeless. Think of the little black dress or the classic suit and tie for men, it’s always in style. There are a lot of different fashions that come and go, but some stay as fresh as the day when they first came out. It’s all in how you wear it and style yourself, it could be a combination of new and vintage, bright and subtle, with different patterns and textures that develop your own personal style. Last night we went to BoutiqueMonique‘s Launch Party and we were exposed to all sorts of different vintage clothes from well-known classic brands.[Read More]

The Uhr-Kraft Dualtimer 54 Classic Watch

Price: $1050.00 USD The watch is a timeless piece of art. With smartphones and mobile technology, people have different ways of telling time. Applications and displays, devices and screens, but telling time has become too complicated, technical, and taking away from the origins of one of the best fashion accessories you can have. The watch. “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” ― William Penn In this case, it’s true, we don’t have time, we don’t usually make time for timeless pieces when we are shopping, we are focused on the most up-to-date technology and additional conveniences. But[Read More]

Treccani Milano’s Bold and Beautiful Bespoke Shoes

[W]hat happens when you bring the freedom to be creative and actually build something you love, instead of building somebody else made? That something is beautiful, conversational, luxurious, one-of-a-kind, rare and your own, that something is shoes made by Treccani Milano. Located in heart of Yorkville, Treccani Milano brings style, elegance and power to the end user by giving you the ability to build your own custom shoes based on your how you want it to be. The Process: First off, you have to pick the style of shoe that you want. This is one of the most impressive things[Read More]

Tiffany & Co. Celebrates The Year of the Snake With New Elsa Peretti Snake Necklace

Price: $11,600 Tiffany & Co. rings in the new year with a new provocative design that celebrates the Year of the Snake with a new snake-inspired necklace. The looks and details of the necklace was designed by Elsa Peretti, who uses natural forms to create modern, daring and unique style. The snake’s movements are positioned and linked together with handcrafted in 18-karat gold. The design is smooth and sleek like the motion of a snake, while showcasing classic Tiffany & Co. elegance. The quality of this Elsa Peretti collection debuted at Tiffany & Co. in 1974 and were met with instant[Read More]