Carving A Ford Edge ST Around Cayuga Speedway

Driving a Ford Edge ST is a fun experience, but driving the Ford Edge ST around Cayuga Speedway in Cayuga, ON, is a whole different experience.

You are probably used to getting into the car, strapping on a seat belt, hitting the road and going about your day.

When you head to Cayuga, you are starting off the day with a racing helmet on. As soon as you put on the helmet, it becomes all business.

It’s very seldom that you can enjoy an SUV to the fullest. Some take their SUV offroad, but I prefer taking it on the track. But, there are risks. It could to be too slow, there could be too much weight, the cornering could be bad, or worse, it could roll.

But, how will the Ford Edge ST  perform around Cayuga Speedway?

Enter The Ford Edge ST

The helmet is on. Seat belts on. Push to start ignition. Adjusting seats. No need for mirrors. No need for indicators. Just the need for speed.

We have a professional driver taking us around the track and then it’s my time.

All of those video games, all of that controller time, all of that watching racing on tv and person, I felt comfortable on the track. I felt ready.

We screamed off the line and as each corner hit, I could just feel the car handling it. An SUV, the Ford Edge ST, handling hard cornering on the track. If you told me an SUV could handle chicanes, I would be skeptical, but after living through these chicanes untouched, I am a believer.

As a passenger, I was along for the ride the whole way, but the whole time, I wanted to be in the driver seat.

So, as soon as I got the opportunity to drive the track after fully breaking down every driver move and corner I could from watching the pro, I was ready for my lap.

We stopped and switch our spots. I started it up. Sport mode, of course. Launching down the straight to the first bend. Then the next, getting minimal feedback from the driver as I am ripping around the corner.

One thing, you should know about this car, it can handle almost anything you throw at it. Late braking, early braking, squealing tires, hard turns, long carves, short corrections. I was really impressed with the dynamic way it has no problems with the curves.

See The Full Lap Around Cayuga Speedway

I let the 2.7L EcoBoost Twin-Turbo V6 Engine, 8-speed transmission loose whenever I could, it roared down straights and when I had a second or two to pick up speed. The tires under the 20″ Machined Aluminum rims, screamed as I am taking corners at higher speeds. The disc brakes were getting hotter as I was rolling the body from back and forth. But, I felt in control the whole time.

The Bottom Line

If you told me I could move an SUV the way it did around the track, then I would be filled with hesitation, but after doing it, it brings a whole new perspective.

After seeing what the Ford Edge ST can do first hand on a race track, I am very impressed. You may not be able to partake in this activity from a test drive from your dealership, but if you have a chance to do it, give it a try, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Book a test drive at your local dealer today and learn more about the fun Ford Edge ST crossover SUV through their website.

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