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Skyscanner Launches A Useful Travel Restrictions Tool During COVID-19

For purposeful travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been really difficult to see the travel restrictions from your country to another. It’s tough to determine where you can go, what their restrictions are, the level of those travel restrictions, and if you can enter that country. In a recent search, I came across that Skyscanner, a popular flight and hotel booking platform, has decided to come out with a travel restrictions tool that is very easy to use for those interested in purposeful travel to have more information about where they can go and which countries have very restricted access.[Read More]

A Grand Tour of Havana’s Iberostar Grand Packard Hotel

Havana is known for an exciting, authentic look into the history of Cuba in the present day. With historical buildings and cars that look like they are straight out of your favourite 1950s movie, it’s an experience like no other. Havana is a city that’s raining with charm and if you haven’t been, it’s a must go to city. While in Havana, you can experience a lot of different urban adventures and a mix of relaxation, especially if you are staying in the city at the appropriate hotel. Enter The Iberostar Grand Packard Hotel in Havana With the beautiful mix[Read More]

Merrill House Is A Beautiful Boutique Hotel In Prince Edward County

A drive out to Prince Edward County starts with the idea of relaxation in mind first when you make the decision to go. When you get there you are going to forget about the commute and focus on what’s going in front of you. Local wineries, relaxing beaches, eclectic small-town charm, beautiful countryside, and elevated country homes. I hopped in the car and headed to the Merrill House for a few days during the week and I was excited to rekindle my love for Prince Edward County. Which previously only consisted of a shallow, yet an enjoyable trip to the[Read More]

Stay Entertained At Bisha Hotel in Toronto

There seems to be always something going on in Toronto’s downtown core. So much so, that there is an apply named ‘Entertainment District’ that spans trendy restaurants, bars, and nightlife. It’s the place to be, especially if you are visiting Toronto for the first time or want to stay central in the city for you to go in every direction. In the heart of the entertainment district is Bisha Hotel and Residences, a newer hotel and residences that are located in the epicenter of it all. Whether you are having meetings in the financial area, watching a sporting event, having[Read More]

Tasting Wine Older Than I Am In Spain With Osborne

Ever wonder what wines would taste like if they were older than you? In this installment of our trip to Spain, we answer that question and more! READ MORE: Rediscovering The Importance of Food & Drink Around The Table With Osborne We traveled with Osborne to one of the most southern locations in Spain, Jerez. On our way from the airport to our spirited destination, we started seeing large presences of the famous Osborne ‘El Toro’ statue all the way from the airport to our first stop, the Osborne winery, where the magic of this Spanish wine is brought to[Read More]

Enjoy The Ultimate Canadian Ski Experience With The Ski Week

Want to go on a road trip? Not just any road trip. One to remember, especially if you are a skier. If you are tired of going to the same hills, skiing the same ski clubs and seeing the same people, then read on, you are in for a change. Many people when they go on a ski trip, they go to one or two ski resorts in the same area and exhaust the skiing there. You end up shredding the same routes and enjoying the same environment. Looking for something different? Maybe it’s time you check out look at[Read More]

The Yacht Week British Virgin Islands: An Unforgettable Experience

Picture this. You just arrive. It’s dark out. The only thing you can see is just within a small radius from overhead street lights. You were just on two flights, one to St Maarten and another smaller local flight from St Maarten to Beef Island in Tortola. You can faintly see outlines of boats slowly bouncing up and down while tied up and what’s directly around you. You put your bags in the boat, get into your room and head out in a taxi to a restaurant. It’s quiet, but it gets louder, the bass becomes more prominent and the[Read More]

Rediscovering The Importance of Food & Drink Around The Table With Osborne

Everyone loves to travel. They get to see things that they don’t usually get to see. Experience things they don’t usually get to experience. What I love most about traveling is experiencing the home and origin of certain foods and drinks. From the places they were perfected. You may be able to purchase imports from different countries, but it’s very rare to actually know what went into that product to make it what it is. I became curious about Spain a few years ago, through the World Cup actually. After watching how spirited the people were, it made me wanted[Read More]

Airbnb Plus: Airbnb’s New Luxury-Focused Loyalty Program

Luxury travel agents might need to check their side mirror, Airbnb is pushing hard into luxury travel. After releasing their 10-year roadmap, they are going to be including two new tiers to Airbnb properties: Airbnb Plus and Beyond by Airbnb. The Canadian tie here looks to be use of their acquisition with Luxury Retreats (Montreal-based) as a jump-off point to kick this project off soon. Luxury Retreats is a luxury vacation rental company with over 4,000 homes in over 100 destinations worldwide. Airbnb Plus, another new addition mentioned above already has 2,000 homes in 13 cities being able to book[Read More]

The Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel Will Make You Love Layovers

You know, one of my favourite views is when big international planes fly into the airport. I used to watch airplanes fly into the airport when I was younger and loved the sights and sounds. The flights going in and out, taking off, full of people going to a new city, going home or off to discover something new. The Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel brings in that unique perspective directly outside its windows. Making it one of the most unique views I have experienced. Before I get to the room and the hotel, I just want to say how convenient[Read More]

Spend A Few Relaxing Days Just Outside Whistler Village at Nita Lake Lodge

The vastness of Whistler…but the comforts of close-by, out-of-the-village chalet living. Sounds like a winter warrior’s dream, right? Well, it is and it’s closer than you think. If you are an international traveler or someone looking for a great spot to enjoy a few days amongst beautiful scenery, read on to learn about Nita Lake Lodge. The dual landscapes of both summer and winter colliding, the different levels of elevation and the sheer beauty of tall trees, mountains and snow blanket the scenic destination of Whistler. Whistler is where the world’s best come to ski in Canada, so there needs[Read More]

Driving A Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Around Jacque Villeneuve’s Area 27 Racetrack

Previously on LXRY: A team of racing enthusiasts and media from all over Canada drove ten Porsche 911 Carrera 4S all over British Columbia in hopes to test all aspects of the car. We take the infamous Sea-To-Sky highway to Whistler, stopping on the way to enjoy some unexpected Off-Roading in Callaghan Valley. For the final post in the series, we take the Porsche 911 Carrera 4S around a racetrack designed by one of the best Canadian drivers in history. We pick up our story at the Four Seasons Whistler where we enjoyed a nice breakfast before heading out to a[Read More]

Training Yourself To Enjoy A Weekend in Montreal

Montreal is a popular but so vastly different city than major cities around it, like Toronto and Ottawa. The city is built so beautifully with elevation changes, historic buildings and a particular focus on architecture and spacing. What I really liked specifically was the ‘of-course’ mentality they have with architecture and design in the city. I feel like bad design dies on the drafting table before the design is even complete. Of course we should have beautiful buildings for people to love working and living in Of course we should have large foyers, people have to walk through them Of course this building[Read More]

Finding A Boutique Hotel Experience in Kitchener At The Walper Hotel

You want to spend the weekend out of the city, but you still want to have great time for a night. Where do you go? You might want to consider the City of Kitchener. Often the city that gets paired up with Waterloo (a.k.a. Kitchener-Waterloo), we think that with certain developments put in place, this city is going to grow out of it’s paired identity and move out into it’s own space. But, in order for that to happen, there needs to be a catalyst in the city. New development, new energy and new spirit. Places like Google, EA Sports[Read More]

J.W. Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa: The Grand Tour

Muskoka is near and dear to my heart. Going up north every year to my friend’s cottages. Swimming, sailing, boating. It’s the place where you want to go to escape the big city and take on an entirely different mindset and stress-free cottage life. If you are on Lake Rosseau, one of the best lakes and most expensive lakes in the area to buy, you would go around with your boat and just look at other people’s cottages, wishing you could live like them. For those who can’t afford the $4.5 Million cottage, it’s tough to imagine living up north[Read More]