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Last Day And Living At Fox Harb’r Resort

Date: July 22, 2016 Last day of the trip and it started off early at 4:44 a.m. In the peak hours of the morning, I went to go to the top of the 16th hole with a group to take pictures of the sunrise at 5:30 a.m.. It was a beautiful sight to see. The sunrise bathed the whole golf course and water ahead of us. It was simply stunning. One of the best sunrises I’ve seen. Related: A Jet Makes A Better Entrance Than Me At Fox Harb’r Resort The morning continued with a visit to the secluded bit from the rest[Read More]

Rounding Out Our Time At Fox Harb’r Resort

Date: July 21, 2016 Good morning from Fox Harb’r Resort! After a wonderful night’s sleep, a jacuzzi bath and a shower, I was ready for the morning ahead. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast, much needed coffee and delicious Eggs Benedict, looking forward for the day ahead. Related: A Jet Makes a Better Entrance Than Me At Fox Harb’r Resort Next, we hopped into some golf carts and made our way around the 1,150 acre property. First, we went to the Nike Golf Academy (second in Canada) to see their facilities. The technology built into this facility was amazing. Everything delivered such precise and telling results[Read More]

A Jet Makes A Better Entrance Than Me At Fox Harb’r Resort

Woke up this morning, excited. I realized something. I was heading to the east coast today. This is somewhat a rare occurrence for Canadian luxury. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of luxury out on the east coast. The views are stunning and there are plenty of beautiful experiences you can have that are both rich and fulfilling. Yet, people tend to look west for stories like this. City centres with a big hotelier names. Or something more ‘in town’. However these (the story I am about to tell you) are the stories we love. People trying to bring light to[Read More]

A Niagara-On-The-Lake Weekend At The Woodbourne Inn

Niagara-on-the-lake is a popular destination for a weekend getaway. Especially for those who like wine. But, where to stay? You could be 20, if not 40 minutes from some wineries with hotels around the Niagara Falls. But, then you remove yourself from the community and don’t immerse in the rich food and beverage culture. We suggest the Woodbourne Inn. We checked in on the Friday after a relatively short trip from Toronto, passing shopping complexes and expansive vineyards on the way to Canadian wine country. Enter The Woodbourne Inn FRIDAY Once you get out of the congestion of Toronto, the[Read More]

Day Two At Cobble Beach

After a relaxing day one, we had a wonderful hint of what the rest of the snow and sun-filled days were going to be like. The morning of Day 2 started with a wonderful breakfast, french toast, but it wasn’t your usual french toast, it had caramelized bananas, Nutella, and plenty of deliciousness to start your day in the right way. Oh, and yes, we said Nutella. If you love Nutella, you will love what Chef Tim has in store for you. Then it was time for the spa. Like many Torontonians, I was hunched over a laptop. I went[Read More]

Day One At Cobble Beach

The weekend away. It’s something that you need every once and awhile to get away from the busy city nights, rush hour traffic and endless emails. We have been invited to Cobble Beach to have that weekend away. We pulled up to a Nantucket-style building with a bunch of beautiful cottages surrounding it. After a friendly greeting from the staff, we were taken to our room and introduced to our spacious and well-decorated quarters for the weekend. See pictures below for the room! Post by LXRY Magazine. After checking out the room fully, we went for dinner at Sweetwater Restaurant[Read More]

The Ultimate Luxury Escape: The Return Of Necker Island

[C]lose your eyes and picture yourself amidst the panoramic ocean views of the Caribbean’s turquoise waters and coral reefs along a sandy white beach, a view so stunning in itself that will become even more amazing as I tell you the exclusivity of your surroundings are envisioned on a private island. Now imagine yourself on this private island with up to thirty of your closest friends and family members staying at a luxury retreat sipping champagne in a Jacuzzi watching the sunset along those captivating panoramic ocean views. What a “great” escape don’t you think? If you are imagining correctly,[Read More]

An Automotive Experience Through Italy’s Motor Valley

Picture this. You see the sports cars, you idolize them, and once and a blue moon, you see them perform, rev, or just pass you casually through a city street. You stop for a moment to see what that bright colour was that just flashed by you and you realize that you want to learn more and experience that car for all that it is. A street legal, powerful roaring engine. But what if you wanted to dive deeper in your education of the sports cars? What if you needed to see the origin, the birthplace of such spectacular automotive machines? How[Read More]

Sitamaa Brings An Escape To Downtown Life

When was the last time you relaxed? Like really relaxed? When living in a busy downtown city like Toronto, you are always on your cell phone, have calls to make, have people to get back to, and everything always have an aspect of urgency for everything. But what if you don’t have time to go on a week long vacation to a different country and you want to escape. What happens when you want to have a vacation in the big city? Going to the spa should be in relaxing experience. It should be a place where you don’t have[Read More]

The InterContinental Toronto Centre Hotel

Location:  225 Front St W, Toronto, ON In the cosmopolitan city of Toronto, you’ll be sure to find young, hip and professional urbanites thriving in and around the Entertainment District. Of course, with so much to do in the area like catching the latest sports games and concerts, attractions to see, places to dine and an exciting nightlife, a night’s stay nearby in the InterContinental Toronto Centre tops off any evening spent in the district. The 4-Diamond InterContinental Toronto Centre hotel is a luxury landmark in the city, ideally located just steps away from the CN Tower, the Air Canada Centre[Read More]

The Ritz-Carlton Montréal Hotel and Residence

Location: 1228 Sherbrooke Street West, Montréal, Quebec [I]n the city defined as “Canada’s Cultural Capital”, with a French-inspired joie de vivre lifestyle, Montréal passionately merges heritage with a flourishing arts scene and some of the world’s most renowned boutique hotels. It is easy for one to be mesmerized in the heart of Montréal’s Golden Square Mile amidst a très-chic shopping district with fine art galleries, scrumptious Quebecois dining, sporting events and many other cultural attractions. Adding to the old meets new elegance of the area is the luxury hotel; The Ritz-Carlton Montréal. With $200 million worth of restoration, the hotel is sure[Read More]

The One King West Hotel and Residence

Location: One King West, Toronto, ON Location, Location, Location. That’s one of the biggest rules of thumb in real estate, it’s all about Location. But, is it? What happens when you have a great location all figured out? The One King West Hotel and Residence brings location and mixes it up with amenities for a nice all-around package. Enter The One King West Hotel and Residence In the City of Toronto, rush hour means a large movement of people going in and out of the city and if you are a traveler or just want to spend a couple of[Read More]

The Fairmont Royal York Hotel

Location: 100 Front Street, Toronto, ON What does having a vacation in the middle of downtown Toronto feel like? With all the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s hard to imagine. But, there is a place located in the heart of Toronto that has been their since 1929 in which you can experience a downtown vacation, even if you are from around the city. That vacation spot? Enter The Fairmont Royal York Hotel The Fairmont Royal York Hotel is located across the street from Union Station in Toronto and spans an entire city block. With a beautiful illuminating sign[Read More]

Le Petit Hotel

Le Petit Hotel Location: 168. rue St-Paul West, Montreal, QC Price: $159 – $319 / night Le Petit Hotel is a upscale, luxurious, and highly rated hotel and Cafe located in the heart of Old Montreal. The Hotel utilises a 19th-century building to house the boutique hotel, that boasts a European flair and great location. (more…)

Villa Hayal

Villa Hayal Price: $34,000/week Location: Ibiza, Spain The Villa Hayal is a 5-bedroom, 6-bathroom luxurious villa located in Atzaró hill of Morna Valley in Spain, close to the ocean, summer clubs and the city of Ibiza. This vacation spot is perfect for a world traveler or Canadian snowbird that is traveling around the Spanish coast in the winter time. This extraordinary villa showcases a wide variety of amenities to entertain all of your family and friends. Each bedroom has a bathroom, air conditioning, television, comfortable sitting area, iPod connection and provides views of the beautiful pool and the scenic Spanish[Read More]