Hamilton Watches Love Being In The Movies

People idolize those who are on the big screen, but what they wear can have a big impact as well.

When it comes to dynamic fashion accessories, watches are seen on most action stars in a scene and are sometimes used when it comes to the crucial timing of a scene.

Additionally, great watches can also make the characters look more rugged, more formal, or even more futuristic.

In this case, Hamilton Watches have a strong tie to cinema from a wide range of movies, with their products being featured from movies like the futuristic Men In Black and the dusty and dystopian cinematic, Interstellar.

Those movies were more recent in time, but Hamilton Watches have been featured in movies dating back to 1932. Additionally, big stars at the time, like Elvis Presley, were sporting Hamilton Watches for their on-screen scenes being absolute heart-throbs to those around them.

This month, we were invited by Hamilton Watches to the TIFF Bell Light Box to learn more about their rooted connection with cinema.

We had a 30-minute, one-on-one tour with their Hamilton ambassador and he took me through the different watch lines that were coming out and the limited editions that were set for release as well.

Because I love Interstellar so much and I recently rewatched it in IMAX in Toronto at the Cinesphere, the memory of the ‘Murph’ Automatic watch was fresh in my mind going into the event. Seeing it in person, it’s a fairly large sized watch coming in at 42mm, however, I am a fairly large sized man, so it looked great on me!

The Murph watch has been released in a limited edition fashion with a special watch box, representing the additional dimension that Matthew McConaughey’s character uses to communicate with his daughter ‘Murph’ to get him home safe.

If you are looking for something a little more tamed, but sporty, Hamilton has the Khaki collection. Army inspired timepieces that seemingly can take anything your daily active life can throw at them. Watches like the Khaki Field sport the feeling of resiliency, but also have a refined style with the contrasting black and white dial. The brown leather band is nice, however I do like a more fabric-made band that will go anywhere and something I can do anything with.

If you really want to step into the character role, I mean really step in, then you have to at least try a timepiece from the Ventura collection. Made popular by The King, Elvis Presley, this uniquely designed watch is something for the bold. The ones that want to be noticed. The ones that have a story locked and pre-loaded about their watch. The ones that want a conversation and don’t shy away from the boldness of breaking a few traditions.

If you are looking for something a little more traditional, you could go with something more of a thin and formal timepiece, or you can complicate things a bit more with a chronography from Hamilton. I particularly liked the blue dial on the new Chrono Auto.

Some like to be more business-y when it comes to their look.

If you are amongst this more straight-edged crowd, but you want to bring in some extra details to the look of your watch, it’s the Jazzmaster that stands out to me. Especially, with the very nice looking power reserve dial on it. Almost feels like a gas tank to show you how powered your watch is.

The Bottom Line

While you might find some watches that let the star of the movie shine a little more, there are watches, like The Murph Automatic, that take more of a front seat to the action and actually drive the plot of the movie, like the case for Interstellar. I think this just shows you that Hamilton Watches have different looks that they can bring to the character. If you are looking to be represented by your style, then Hamilton has a wide range for that. They don’t just stick to one style, they can offer more of a range of timepieces to fit different scenes. We look forward to catching more people sporting more Hamilton watches in movies to come, but until then we will enjoy the timepieces they have on the retail display cases and the ones I have tried on my wrist.

For more information about Hamilton Watches, be sure to visit Hamilton’s website.