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The Blue Box You Can Enjoy Every Day: Tiffany & Co. Intense Eau De Parfum

Looking to enjoy something from that little blue Tiffany & Co. box every morning? The little blue box just got a little bigger and now could be a great start of your daily routine. The Tiffany Eau de Parfum Intense is an exciting new signature fragrance from Tiffany & Co., which is a modified homage to the original makeup of one of their first scents to hit the market. The Bottle Design The tall, blue Tiffany box stands proudly on your cabinet or shelf and feels like one of the only fragrance boxes that you will actually want to keep. When[Read More]

HUGO BOSS Unlimited: An Energetic, Fresh Scent For Men

Does what you wear bring you a lot of confidence? How you dress is an extension of how you carry yourself throughout the day. If you are really feeling good, it could result  in many positive outcomes throughout your day. The right place, the right time, and if you are ready for the moment, it could change your life. How you smell can have the same effect. It could be that extra little bit of confidence or formal feel, even if you are dressed casually. For those looking for an underlying layer of that confidence, there is a great accessory to[Read More]

Grand Mariner Hosts Dinner At The Ritz-Carlton From The Year 1900

What would it be like go back in time and dine at the Ritz back in the year, 1900? Enjoy what the patrons experienced in Paris experienced over 100 years ago? See the classic architecture, well-presented, and knowledgeable people surrounding you from different backgrounds. Enjoy the food, service, and beverages showcased in an ordered fashion, from the synchronized plating by several servers at once, to the well-timed courses. Orchestrated, timed and ordered to feel like you are well taken care of throughout the whole evening. Having a meal like that would be an interesting dining experience that would really be unique[Read More]

A Dinner Right Out of Portugal With Taylor Fladgate

When was the last time you enjoyed Port wine? Maybe it’s something that’s few and far between. Maybe it’s been for a special occasion or celebration. Or maybe it’s been more casual than that. If you haven’t tried Port wine, one thing is for sure, it’s worth a glass or bottle. To celebrate and bring more of this beautiful style of wine to the table, iYellow Wine Club teamed up with Taylor Fladgate to come up with a tailored food and wine pairing that brings Taylor Fladgate to the forefront with even the food using Port as an ingredient with[Read More]

Experiencing A Full History Of Grand Marnier With Patrick Raguenaud

Patience. Lots of it. That’s what it takes to develop something of real quality. Taking your time with each step of the process to really craft it into the desired completion. In order to make something to stand the test of time and make all of that patience worth it, you must first look at what you can do to make your crafted product stand out. Grand Marnier has these values really stapled into their long history. The fundamentals of Grand Marnier stem from their environment. Or should I say environments. The founding father of Grand Marnier, Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle, spent[Read More]

Crafted From Scratch: Volcán De Mi Tierra Tequila Arrives in Canada

It is rare when you have a historic brand try something completely new. Something somewhat out of their comfort zone. Usually, you have timid launches, additions of similar products, something that’s aged a little bit longer, but all in all not much change. For this spirit, it revolves around a new story, developed from scratch and it’s surrounding a Tequila brand. Here is a story about one of the largest entities in the world, LVMH, creating the new tequila, Volcán De Mi Tierra. After perfecting champagne in many ways, the LVMH house of brands responsible for timeless classics like Moët[Read More]

Inside Hollywood North’s Styling Lounge Perfect For The Fashionable Man

With Toronto having both Toronto Fashion Week and Toronto International Film Festival happening basically at the same time, it seems like everyone is out on the streets of Toronto this time of year. Especially at this time, you are going to be seen and heard, so it’s a good time to look at Canadian, North American and International fashion brands to find answers your possibly questionable wardrobe. I was invited to the Hollywood North Styling Lounge in Charlie Condos to meet and greet with some of the fashionable forward-thinking brands. I went around the room and introduced myself to the[Read More]

Louis XIII Works With Pharrell On A Project That’s 100 Years In The Making

What if you made something today that could be enjoyed 100 years from now? Louis XIII Cognac has posed that particular question. But, when you think that far ahead, a century ahead, you have to consider all possibilities. One of the considerations would be to think about how the climate would change over the next 100 years. Perhaps with global warming, we might see a completely different climate over the next century. Maybe it will change so drastically that it could affect people, environments, how things are made and so on. If the climate changes drastically, it could affect even[Read More]

Black Cow: A Uniquely Made Premium Vodka

When it comes to vodka, there are a lot of brands trying different things to set themselves apart, but almost all of the vodkas on the shelves are made in the same thing. Very rarely do you come across a vodka that aims to do things differently, breaking away from traditional vodkas. I was introduced to Black Cow vodka this past month that is a unique, premium spirit, with an interest background. I will tell you why. What makes Black Cow vodka different than standard vodkas?  The fact that it’s actually made from milk product. Yes, milk. Here is the[Read More]

The Rosé Picnic Brings A Sea of Pink and White To Toronto

How about a picnic? Not just any picnic, a premium picnic. The Rosé Picnic. A few weekends back at the Stanley Barracks, at Hotel X Toronto, was absolutely filled with bright pink and white colours as The Rosé Picnic came back for its second annual event. Well over 3,500 people filled the new event space for a summer party to remember, all for a great cause too. Every ticket sold donated a meal to a Canadian child in need for the new charity, Feeding Canadian Kids. The weather was hot and sunny and shined brightly on the soft pink blankets[Read More]

The Highest Event Venue In Canada

Looking to make a statement with your event? High above Toronto there is an over-the-top event venue that might be as unique as your occasion. In the midst of a big announcement that the CN Tower will be investing $16 Million into a renovation of the historic landmark that is one of the definitions of Canada, they have also created an event space that is the highest event space in Canada. The unique space follows the rounded curvature of the famous Canadian landmark and we were invited to a VIP experience there this past week to see the space firsthand.[Read More]

Grey Goose Brings The French Riviera To The Middle of Toronto

There are plenty of beautiful and amazing things to experience in France, especially along the French Riviera. The food, the atmosphere, the freshness of ingredients with the mindset of quality over arching all aspects of life there. Grey Goose wanted to bring that experience to the middle of Toronto. They decided to take over the Campbell House, a central spot with lots of traffic around it but heritage fills the property to the brim. Even though cars filled the east and south side of the building, you couldn’t even tell. We were so immersed into the location and the small[Read More]

Canada’s Largest Rosé Picnic is Coming to Toronto

Would you like to spend a summer’s day having a great time with your friends, eating delicious, gourmet food, pouring premium rosé, dancing to live music and enjoy a full pink and white landscape? Seems like a midsummer’s dream, right? Well, this dream has quickly turned into something happening this August in Toronto. If this sounds like a perfect Saturday for you, you need to know about The Rosé Picnic. Coming the 11th of August, 2018, The Rosé Picnic is Canada’s largest premium picnic and is set to fill the Stanley Barracks at the new brand new Hotel X Toronto.[Read More]

Lacoste Celebrates A Milestone: The Crocodile Turns 85

Lacoste comes from the roots and mechanical brain of a particular athlete, René Lacoste, over 85 years ago. He was a tennis player who used to have to wear long-sleeved shirts and even ties while he was playing in the heat, running reactively towards his next shot. He realized that there was a better way to stay cool, look presentable and with this idea in mind, brought something new to tennis back in 1926, the invention of the polo shirt. Nicknamed ‘The Crocodile’ from other tennis players for his skill and based on what we have read, biting style on[Read More]

A Bigger Belvedere Vodka Bottle Calls For Bigger Celebration

This summer Belvedere Vodka is inviting a new, taller family member to their lineup of premium vodkas. This year they have launched a new 1.14L bottle, which tends to tower over the other bottles in the cabinet. Taller bottle means, more and stronger cocktails, more sharing with others and more enjoyment of the quadruple-distilled, balanced vodka. If you are a vodka fan, you already know that you can enjoy Belvedere on the rocks, straight up, mix it into cocktails, give martini some more character and gives you a nice all around spirit to experiment with for a large range of[Read More]