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Highland Park Makes A 18-Year Old Single Malt Perfect For A Smooth Victory

Looking for a whisky to celebrate a smooth victory? The 18-Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whiskey from Highland Park is a favourite amongst whisky enthusiasts. It’s not that easy to find, but when you get your hands on this popular bottle, you will be rewarded. This Highland Park bottled timepiece has hints of cherries, dark chocolate, toffee, marzipan, heather honey, finished off with a peaty, smokey flavour. The complex flavour profile is produced through five traditional steps of production. Everything from the slow-burning, the aromatic peat, the Sherry-hinted oak casks and cool maturing periods of the island climate it’s produced on, makes a certain[Read More]

Let’s Take A #MoetMoment To Launch The Moët & Chandon Nectar Impérial Rosé

When an iconic brand like Moët & Chandon, launches a new flavour, it’s a moment to celebrate! Introducing the Moët & Chandon Nectar Impérial Rosé, freshly placed onto store shelves now. We got the invitation to a private dinner with the only condition, to dress all in black. We arrived at the Airship 37 venue, turned the corner and the hallway expanded into a bigger room with a long transparent table with black chairs cutting the room in half with relaxing lounge seating on either side. We love events like this because it gives us a chance to communicate with notables[Read More]

#YourTimeIsNow To Take An Urban Journey with Hugo Boss Feat. Zac Efron

What comes to mind when I mention the statement Urban Journey to you? When we think of urban journey, we think of exploring our environment, maybe it’s taking a new route, maybe it’s dressing a little different to go about your day. Or perhaps it’s putting on a new scent that invigorates you to be more adventurous. HUGO BOSS wants to capture the scent of that feeling of adventure in their new eau de toilette, Urban Journey. How would you describe the scent? After wearing it for a few days and switching back and forth towards different scents for contrast, I[Read More]

Make Your Travels As Nice As Your Christopher Howard Suitcase

Are your trips as nice as your luggage? Your luggage deserves to go somewhere as nice as it. With Christopher Howard, it might change the way you travel, because you will only want to put these handmade suitcases in the best places. For detail-oriented people, the travel starts before you even exit the door. You get your luggage ready and that’s when vacation or business travel starts. You leave your daily briefcase or bag behind and you want to be looking forward to your travel, much like the shoes you wear for only special occasions. The new finely-crafted luggage suitcase[Read More]

Drake To Go Public With Virginia Black American Whiskey in Q1 2018

He’s entertained the masses with his smooth voice, now is it time for his whiskey to go public? Canadian household name, Drake, is planning on bringing his own brand of Virginia Black American Whiskey public with an IPO at the end of the 1st quarter of 2018. The smooth bourbon whiskey with the unique bottle shape and gold-top has both a nice rye tasting profile but finishes well. Let’s hope on the first day of the stock market, he will do the same. We are both excited and nervous for Drake for this. We are terribly excited because this is[Read More]

Grand Marnier’s Speakeasy Experience Is Worth Talking About

Picture this. It’s the prohibition and all the of the experiences are only in the underground, off the city streets and behind doors from the watchful eye of the public, and especially, law enforcement. The only times that you could alcohol were at these secret bars where people had the time of their life. Well, Grand Marnier wanted to take us back to an experience like this. They wanted us to experience a time where the taste of spirits was rare, illegal and prohibited. We started off with the invitation where they notified us about a secret code that was[Read More]

Stella Artois and Chefs Plate Host One To Remember On Toronto’s Bridle Path

A garden party is one thing. Hosting a memorable garden party is another. Stella Artois and Chefs Plate decided to Host One To Remember at this spectacular house on The Bridle Path, with a rich, manicured backyard that almost felt like we were around a French Chateau, than a mansion in Toronto. There was a romantic aspect as the floral scents of flowers and music from a four-piece jazz band filled the air on the top level. As you stepped down the stone curved stairways, you find yourself looking at three long tables that almost seemingly take up the whole[Read More]

How To Enjoy Tromba: One of Canada’s New Favourite Tequilas

Tequila. It’s something that is usually hard to swallow and brings some mixed memories from college or university days. It’s something that you would order in the form of a shot, line-up by the bar and put them back each with a sour look on your face followed by a lime to cool the bite of the flavour off. But, you’ve grown up and so has tequila. The flavours, the roughness, and the bite are a thing of a past. You are someone looking to expand their horizon, so, it’s time to take a second look at tequila. Tromba is[Read More]

Campari Creates Killer In Red Cinematic Short Film

Campari wants to take you into their world. They want you to experience a time and a place of desire, cunning conversation and devilish desire. A world surrounded by a killer story. Killer in Red | Short Film This short film was written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino, well-known Italian director, who paints a story of a bartender re-telling the story of his successor. Clive Owen stars in the short film as the main character that looks like a lot of people. But he has his eyes set on a lady in red. He is one of my favourite actors,[Read More]

Nespresso Takes Your Morning Coffee On Two New Explorations

Coffee comes from many places in the world, but rarely those places are highlighted. Some coffee companies are more open about the countries they obtain their beans from. Some customers don’t even explore where their coffee is even from. Let’s change that, please. Nespresso has launched two new unique, limited edition collections of coffee from Laos and Kenya. These hidden gems mark taste profiles that are opposite of each other. Both with acidity, but one more embedded with wheat flavours, the other, fruit. Nespresso as launched their new collections named Explorations 1, which comprises two limited edition coffees, Laos Bolaven Plateau and[Read More]

Time To Exchange Your Wine Bottle For A Niagara Beer Bottle

When you typically think of Niagara on the Lake, you typically think of wine country. There are plenty of alcoholic grape juice harvesters out there, but there has been big steps in the beer business in the Niagara region too. Enter The Exchange Brewery A new business on the block is The Exchange Brewery, who just celebrated their first year in business just a few weeks ago. Located in town, you can compliment an afternoon a nice stroll with a Brewery visit. As opposed to some other breweries that are a bit more secluded. Right off the bat we intended on[Read More]

Milborne Group and Pordes Residential Bring Florida Real Estate Closer To Canada

What happens when two heavyweights in the real estate industry sit down and paper a strategic partnership? Big things. With the Milborne Group of Toronto being a prominent force in real estate for over 40 years, they aim to serve their customers beyond the Canadian borders and into a popular Canadian destination, the beautiful coastline of Florida. With a leap like this across the border lines, this leads into their latest partnership with a group who knows US real estate, Pordes Residential. Pordes Residential, known for their full service sales and marketing chops, have represented the high-end section of the condo and condo[Read More]

Last Minute Holiday Gift Options For Whisky Lovers: The Balvenie

It’s crunch time, you only have a few days left and you are out of options for a gift. What do you do? Time to turn to whisky. Not you…but a great last-minute gift option. The Balvenie has a long history of whisky making and it’s surely an option that will bring a smile to any whisky lover’s face. We have recommendations for the two types of people in your world: (1) For The Acquaintance & (2) For The Person Who Is (Practically) Family The Acquaintance Maybe you know someone through work, a friend of your partner, maybe it’s a client[Read More]

You Are One Weekend Away From Fully Appreciating Canadian Whisky

Whisky is something that’s not quick to start. You can’t make whisky right away, it takes time. You have to play the long game. Forty Creek Whisky started the same way. It didn’t start as the Canadian heavyweight whisky brand you know and love, actually it started off as a winery. When the barrels started settling in and the whisky started tasting as it should, the business really picked up. Even with the owner of the company, John Hall, spent hours getting in front of the people…the good whisky drinking people. We went on a site tour during their Whisky[Read More]

Immerse Yourself in the Inspiration of Innis and Gunn

What is it like to drink a beer on the top of a Scottish cliff? What is it like to sip a Craft Lager beer, while seeing how the waves hit the shores of St. Abbs? Innis & Gunn offers customers a chance to immerse themselves into a beer drinking experience they haven’t witnessed before. The crafted Scottish beer bring together the enjoyment of a nice Innis & Gunn glass with addition of a virtual reality experience. Put on the branded VR headset and get transported to some of the most beautiful areas around the UK, Scotland, and more. Welcome to Immersive[Read More]