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James Bond Is Back With New Movie Trailer For Spectre

James Bond is back in a big way with the latest trailer for Spectre. When Daniel Craig started his career as James Bond in Casino Royale, he was more of a raw, James Bond, focusing on strength and his own intellect compared to the technology attached to his car. Looks like the Bond franchise is going back to the classic, technologically advanced Bond with a small sample shown in the trailer below. What do you think of the New Spectre Trailer? Are you going to see Spectre when it comes out? Let us know in the comments below.

How Do You Celebrate Summer?

This post brought to you by Weber Grills Canada. The content and opinions expressed below are that of LXRY. What is your favourite way of celebrating summer? Is it taking a trip up to the cottage? Is it tanning on the beach? Or is it enjoying some boating on the refreshing lake. For us, it’s the combination of these are what really makes summer, summer. But to sweeten this list, we would like to add one thing every summer needs, some delicious barbecue. Nothing says summer like a sizzling barbecue, planned-out grill marks, vicious looking, yet functional cooking utensils and the[Read More]

LXRY Features: LUXE Appliance Studio

You go into the appliance store, you look around at the dimensions, shapes, colours and features of each. You wonder what the differences are, you wonder how things will work, and you worry about how it cooks and how easy things are to cook. It can be overwhelming. But at Luxe Appliance Studio, you get a different experience. Because they carry specific brands like Gaggenau, Bosch and Thermador, you are know they are going to be all very good quality. It’s up to you, your taste in design and look of your kitchen and how incredibly scientific you are before[Read More]

Stone Tile Debuts New Showroom and Laminam Product Line

Last night was the unveiling of the new showroom for Stone Tile International and the Canadian debut of one of their new products, Laminam, and it was a big launch. The showroom was packed to the brim with professionals in the design industry just waiting to see Stone Tile’s new collection. The showroom was beautifully design, we were there early, so we got a chance to walk through the whole maze of beautiful wood, tiles, trims and more! And it’s a big showroom. Once the party got up and running, a third of the whole showroom was turned into a night club[Read More]

What Would You Wager?

Enter Johnnie Walker Blue Label When it comes to a wager, the reward might be outlandish, but the pursuit makes it all worth it. Here is one of our favourite commercials from Johnnie Walker Blue Label from the last few months of a wager between two men. A rare and traditional experience and a quest to earn lofty respect. STARRING Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini Enjoy. And enjoy the rest of your weekend.

A LXRY Favourite: The Abyss Table

Price: $17,643 CAD When it comes to furniture that draws attention, a table isn’t usually at the top of the list. But designer Christopher Duffy has flipped that on it’s head, with the Abyss Table. Duffy London has always come up with some brilliant products that we are sure you have seen in your Pinterest feeds with that glass of wine beside your home computer. This is designed to draw attention and absolutely keep your attention. In the middle of the table it makes it look like you are going to dive in an underground cave, with rich blues looking[Read More]

Corcel: The Carbon Bathtub

Tired of the classic white bathroom? It’s time for a change. N° 1 Limited Edition by Corcel is something to awe over. Enter The CORCEL Carbon Fiber Bathtub: N°1 Not only is it relaxing as it’s main function, being a great bathtub, but it has a look that you just can’t beat. Imagine seeing this in a master bathroom during an open house, it might make you buy the rest of the home because of it! Unique shape, design, appearance, and build with carbon makes it a unique tub for any home.   The Bottom Line If you are looking[Read More]

Enjoying Time With Mombacho Cigars

Claudio was a young man, working in Dominican Republic as a school teacher, teaching Italian to youths and people who were interested in learning a new language. He was smoking cigarettes on his breaks, passing time, getting a little space between marking homework and teaching. But there was something missing for Claudio at the time. His friend served him up a cigar and that was it, that was his eureka moment. He was curious about cigars, he loved the taste, the smell, and the social aspect of them. But, the biggest thing he liked about it, about this one cigar, that it[Read More]

Bloor Street Entertains: The ROM Hosts The CANFAR Twilight Gala

Last Wednesday night, we were invited to attend the Royal Ontario Museum to cover the CANFAR Bloor Street Entertains! What a night it was! First, we arrived to a wonderful venue and gala that was inspired by the prohibition time period. The Great Gatsby inspired event had wonderful swing dancers, soulful band, time pieced hair and attire, amongst the countless tuxedos and beautiful dresses worn by their significant and upstanding dates. From there, we went upstairs and enjoyed a great addition to the experience, a prehistoric background amongst the stylish foreground. We must say, it was a one-of-a-kind experiencing wining and socializing[Read More]

Building Atmosphere: Artemano Opens Up First Store in Toronto

Your home… It’s something that brings you joy, brings you a place to relax after a long day and also starts your day off. It protects your family and is a place that you spend your most time in. But a house is not a home, until you make it a home. You add your small touches; you add your feelings, emotions, thoughts, and creativity. You want someone to come into the room and feel what you had in mind with the room; you want someone to compliment, add their thoughts and have it open to discussion. You want to[Read More]

Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance Is Set To Bring New Era of Luxury

Having something as beautiful as the background of the Georgian Bay needs a foreground that’s even more stunning. Completing the full painting of beautiful landscape is to have a foreground that’s just as beautiful. And that’s exactly what Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance is going to present. On September 14th, 2013, you can experience this Canadian premier of this 17th century French flared high-society event including beautiful automobiles from the last 100 years. A century of beautiful machines surrounded by terrific waterfront backdrops? Definitely sounds like a great way to start your weekend. “If ever there was a Pebble Beach of the[Read More]

Innis & Gunn Introduces Limited Edition Beers For The Summer

I had the pleasure of trying 5 different types of beer all from the Scottish beer maker, Innis & Gunn. Innis & Gunn is something different. They brew and mature their beers with hints of oak, so it’s really quite flavourful. With the new line of strong, bold flavours, they have also sweetened the lineup with new Melville’s Craft Lagers. Some nice alternatives to the original line up. Innis & Gunn’s Latest Limited Edition Beers Melville’s Ginger Craft Beer The Melville’s Ginger Craft Beer has a sharp taste, smooth feeling, but with an edge in the back of your throat. The[Read More]

The Best Way To Watch A Baseball Game: The Joe Carter Classic

When it comes to baseball, there are plenty of seats you can choose from. The best seats in the house, for a lot of people, are the ones that are usually the closest. But what if those seats in the house, are trumped by something better? On Friday, June 14th, we were invited to attend one event of the Joe Carter Classic, watching the Toronto Blue Jays play the Boston Red Sox. But this was not a normal trip to the ol’ Ball game, this was something way more. First Impression We got up to the 400 Executive Level where[Read More]

Montblanc Brings History With Patron of Art Edition Fountain Pens

[M]ontblanc is a renowned German manufacturer known for their luxury crafted writing instruments, watches, jewelry and leather goods. The internationally recognized trademark – identified by a six pointed star with rounded edges -represents the largest peak in the Alps from above. Any Montblanc piece holds a prestige seldom attainable and desired by most but what brings an even greater importance and exclusivity are their limited edition collections. Among the greatest is the Patron of the Art Series of fountain pens. This tribute and celebration of historical art leaders not only conveys historical significance but also as works of art. The[Read More]

The Dalmore Launches Single Malt Collection Valued Over $200K

Are you a Scotch drinker? Then you will love this. A new collection of some of the rarest single malts in the world is going on sale at the British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch’s (LDB) flagship Signature liquor store located at 39th & Cambie Street. For the first time in Canada, The Dalmore has released their rare collection of scotches valued at $218,500, which will officially go on sale March 27th at 6:30pm. The Dalmore will release their Constellation Collection with the very best of their whiskies created between the years of 1966 and 1992. The whiskies were created at their iconic Scottish[Read More]