LXRY Attends: #SprungTO @ BoConcept

LXRY Attends: #SprungTO at BoConcept

Location: 230 Adelaide Street East, Toronto, ON

Wednesday night we attended the #SprungTO event BoConcept and we had an excellent time there.

You could tell you have arrived at BoConcept because of the beautiful, bright white 2012 Jaguar XJ parked outside of the large floor to ceiling windows of the store.

We were invited to attend #SprungTO again, and after going to the event in May, we were very happy to attend.

Like the original #SprungTO, the idea of the event was to bring together beautiful, fashionable and interesting people all in one room, bring some great sponsors there, and you have a great event on your hands.

BoConcept provided a beautiful space for the event, with unique and modern decor with furniture for people attending to sit on and socialize comfortably.

SPRUNG is an invite-only event that attracts passionate individuals from different industries. People from the Art, Fashion and Entertainment communities provide some great company and interesting conversations at these events. It’s great to have such an event in Toronto and knowing that are so many influencers in this great city.

Nathaniel Anderson, of Nathaniel Inc., is a Luxury brand photographer and designer in Toronto wanted to bring even more great like-minded people together and had even more people than the last event!

LXRY Attends: #SprungTO @ BoConcept

Sponsors include: Omega GroupUber LimousinesSully Wong, Rated Z Punch, Grafic, Porter Airlines, The House of Marley, Cry if I want to, and Eliza Ilaika, just to name a few.

Overall, we had a great time and would like to thank Nathaniel and Eliza for inviting us to this great event.

Here is where BoConcept is located:

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230 Adelaide Street East,

Toronto, ON

M5A 1M9 

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TWTTR: @SprungTO

WWW: SprungTO.com 


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