A new service offered by LXRY.

V/SUALS give you a chance to update your look and feel through high-quality photography and video.

V/SUALS are for those companies and brands who want user-generated inspired content that has a perspective from user and is non-conventional to regular stock photography.

LXRY believes that the power of engaging imagery and storytelling can make the difference when it comes how users experience your brand. It’s what makes your brand stand out, be noticed, intrigue those who need to be intrigued by your brand.

Imagery can pull the viewer in and keep them there.

LXRY Can Help:

  • Improve the V/SUALS on your website
  • Improve the look of your online media channels
  • Add more character and difference compared to your competitors
  • Focus more on the details and highlight your best qualities
  • Improve telling your brand’s story through high-quality V/SUALS

We Have Worked With Brands Such As:

  • Lincoln Motor Company
  • Fairmont Hotels
  • Rolls Royce Motor Company
  • Innis & Gunn
  • The Rock Golf Club
  • J.W. Marriott
  • etc.

What can you expect?

V/SUALS only come to you in high-resolution format. We aim to have a folder full of images sent to you online to use multiple times on multiple mediums.


At LXRY, we know the power of experiences. We know that people only remember you if you provoke a feeling and the best way to do that isn’t with stock photos, it’s with V/SUALS.

Imagery can pull the viewer in and keep them there.

Contact LXRY

Currently available for brands in Toronto. We love showcasing Canadian luxury. For pricing on campaigns, projects or for ongoing initiatives contact us at lx*****@gm***.com, we would love to hear from you and your projects!