The Monogram Professional Range Is A Line Of Exquisite Cooking Instruments

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then a professional range is the heartbeat.

Have you ever walked into a kitchen and the homeowner has an exquisite range in the centre of the kitchen?

It’s surely the first thing I look at.

When you see a professional range, it makes a big statement, and the new Monogram professional line of ranges definitely provides that heartbeat.

With its chef’s kitchen style mixed with its homely accents with brass, it draws your eyes in. It might even have your guests overlook your cabinet and countertop choices, that’s how distracting it is.

Monogram is a best-in-class collection of professional ranges that really take cooking to a new level.

The Monogram professional range is an almost scientific and engineered look at cooking for the particular while equally an approachable centrepiece in the kitchen for those who cook by look and intuition. You can really go as deep as you would like to go. The Monogram professional range collection is almost like an instrument you learn and build your skills with.

Intuitive Features

The features are part of a long list of highlights for this collection of ranges. Can you say precision cooking?

The one thing that really elevated this product for me was how much control you can have over your burners for incredible consistency with your meals, cooking times, and results. The first of its kind TrueTemp™ burner allows you to maintain temperatures down to the degree for even cooking and if you pair it with the Bluetooth enabled Hestan Cue™ cookware, well it becomes a no-brainer, the app from the Hestan Cue™ will actually just show and tell you how to make incredible gourmet meals, all in real-time.

Have you ever wanted to pre-heat your oven before you returned home?

With their SmartHQ integration, you can monitor, manage and control your appliance from anywhere.

Are your hands dirty from working with messy ingredients?

Good thing that this range connects with voice control with Google Home.

It’s almost like having your own sous chef in the palm of your hand. Who knew.

You can even change colours to match the look or mood you are looking to set in your kitchen.

Professional Range Sizes

Depending on the dimensions of your kitchen, you can enjoy different sizes that fit your next kitchen renovation or upgrade.

The Monogram Professional Range is available in the following sizes:

48″ 6 burners with griddle

  • Two 23,000-BTU Burners
  • Two 18,000-BTU Burners
  • Two 15,000-BTU Burners
  • 18,000-BTU Griddle

 36″ 6 burners

  • Two 23,000-BTU Burners
  • Two 18,000-BTU Burners
  • Two 15,000-BTU Burners

30″ 4 burners

  • One 21,000-BTU Burner
  • Three 15,000-BTU Burners

Prices start at $5,300 CAD.

The Bottom Line

Who is the Monogram Professional Range even for? It is for the people who absolutely love cooking.

If you love cooking, this will help you love cooking even more because of the consistency and output it can give you. It allows you to take some laborious and time-consuming aspects out of the picture so you can experiment, enjoy and craft your new favourite meals.

If I had such a range, I would be looking to fine-tune my daily meals, try some gourmet meals with the Hestan Cue™ and generally enjoy learning more and more about cooking. This is an instrument in many ways that you will have fun learning more about the food you make and playing with until your heart’s content.

For more information about the collection of Monogram Professional Ranges, visit their website or visit the Toronto Monogram Design Centre at 1290 Castlefield Avenue in Toronto.

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