Mr Burberry

Mr. Burberry Brings An Aromatic English Coastal Cologne To Your Wardrobe

Picture yourself standing by the rocky coast on the perimeter of England.

In the sunshine, the colours are vibrant, the green grass pops off the yellow. The rocks bleed through it all and create the structures and land masses. Below are small, cut-out beaches that are pockets to enjoy, formed by the giant rocks.

The wind picks up, blows the bottom of your light trench coat to the sides as you take in the vast view of water meeting land masses. The English coast is a unique experience, something you would want to bottle up and take with you.

It’s a scene that has inspired a new scent from English fashion icons, Burberry. The name of the new scent? Mr. Burberry.

Burberry launches Mr. Burberry Indigo Eau du Toilette, a fresh, spirited scent capturing and bottling a scenic weekend stroll along the english coastline.

The scent comes with the experienced nose of perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian, bringing a crisp start and a smooth scent, to add something different to the Mr. Burberry line-up.

For an added touch, Burberry can monogram your 100ml or 150ml bottle, to make you feel more ownership over the scent you are wearing out.

The bottle brings both a new stature to your fragrance shelf, with a nice large cap on the top that reminds me almost of the lid of a bottle of scotch. It references a navy-inspired theme, with the cap resembling horn-look buttons and finished with a hand-tied knot around it’s neck.

Here is the cinematic that personifies the scent from Burberry, featuring Josh Whitehouse:

The Bottom Line

I have been wearing this scent for a few weeks now, we love the citrus, aromatic tones that comes with Mr. Burberry Indigo. It’s a great add to our collection and want to wear it constantly throughout the day. For those looking for a cologne that’s good for sunny days and warm weather, or to add some more spirit to colder ones, this ones for you. I find that the cologne itself is more of a day time wear than a night time musk. I would also recommend purchasing the 30ml version as well, so it’s something you can travel with for short business trips. It’s beautifully complex, but simple and easy to wear with just about anything. We encourage you to try this scent at your local department store.

Feel free to learn more about Mr. Burberry Indigo Eau Du Toilette through their website.