PSR Brokerage Invites Top in Real Estate Developers For Good Cause

In April, at the Omni King Edward Hotel, PSR Brokerage brought together Toronto real estate agents and enthusiasts alike to a panel of some of the top developers in Toronto’s real estate industry.

This panel included real estate developers in both commercial and residential and in land development and financing too.

It was an interesting discussion that acted like somewhat of a state-of-the-union for where Toronto’s real estate industry is now. It was great to hear the different perspectives as each weighed in on big factors that were impacting their sector and business.

When it comes to real estate in Toronto, it’s almost as popular as talking about the weather with more opportunities coming out or the ground and pre-construction buildings being a more popular choice than ever.

The PSR’s President of Pre-Construction, Ryan (Yair) Rabinovich, kicked off the event, looking out to a sold-out room from the stage.

The event had a panel comprised of five of Toronto’s top real estate developers:

  • Rob Cooper, CEO, and President of Alterra
  • Rafael Lazer, CEO of Elad Canada
  • Stephen Price, President & CEO of Graywood Developments
  • Jane Renwick, VP of Diamond Kilmer
  • James Tadeson, CEO & Founding Partner of Carttera

The panelists provided their firsthand experience about the real estate market over a variety of topics from financing to land development to how new communities and developments affect so many people in the Greater Toronto Area.

By the sounds of it, there seems to be a lot of potential and opportunities ahead for Toronto real estate developments, so we are looking forward to seeing how the whole area surrounding Toronto grows.

This great event was in support of a campaign, developed by PSR Brokerage, called Developers VS Epilepsy, which is fully endorsed by The Hospital For Sick Children. Donations from the event were collected in support of “The Epilepsy Classroom” at Sick Kids. What a nice gesture to develop this event like this.

The Bottom Line

The event was great for many reasons. First, it’s very rare to have insights like this from a room of developers unless you are a developer yourself, which made this opportunity for real estate agents in the area, that much more attractive. Second, we love events like this because it’s surrounding education and topics that impact a lot of people in the room, while supporting a great cause.

Thank you to PSR Brokerage for having us at your event. Here’s to a bright future in real estate in Toronto and to more awareness about Developers VS Epilepsy. Best of luck with your campaign.

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