Roots Helps Make Long International Flights A Bit More Comfortable

Have you ever had a long flight and you were just uncomfortable the whole time?

More and more passengers are dressing more casually for long hauls these days. Specifically, in athleisure wear. However, the last thing you would want is to seem too comfortable, wearing old, tattered comfy clothes. You want something of quality, made well and that will keep you nice and comfortable throughout the whole flight. Especially, if you are in the air for 10+ hours, you want to be cozy, warm and not be in something that may wrinkle.

But, how would you dress for the longest haul out of Canada? Would you dress professionally if your flight was 16 hours long? With customs, security, arriving early at the airport and getting out on arrivals, that’s almost a full day spent for the skies.

In that case, especially in the cabin, I would want to be coordinated and very comfortable.

Air Canada offers a flight from Vancouver to Melbourne, Australia, which is their longest flight, and that flight just got a lot cozier to 250 lucky customers. Roots and Air Canada have teamed up to giveaway a set of signature Salt & Pepper sweatpants, a Roots hoodie and a made-in-Canada Roots leather passport holder to all of the customers on that flight, so they can be perfectly comfortable for the long haul.

We find this outfight to be a great combination. You can be warm, if it’s cold in the cabin, you have a hoodie, to make it easier to fall asleep, you have pockets to hold your phone, passport, etc., and it’s a cozy material, so your business clothes don’t get all folded and wrinkled.

The Roots and Air Canada initiative is all to celebrate International Sweat Pants Day today on January 21, 2019.

Our own Steve Dolson, worked with Roots on some company-wide assets for International Sweatpants Day as well (seen above).

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a great, comfortable outfit for a long flight, like a 16-hour and 20-minute flight, be sure to try out a set of Roots’ hoodie and sweatpants. Next flight on Air Canada that we take, I know I will be sporting some comfortable Roots clothing to try it out.

For more information about Roots or Air Canada and to enter their contest, be sure to visit their websites.