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Defunc True Plus Bluetooth Earbuds: A Sleek Black Alternative To AirPods

Are you on countless Zoom and Google Hangout calls? Are you looking for a lightweight set of Bluetooth earbuds that can last all day? This is where you look up Defunc’s True Plus Bluetooth Earbuds. Defunc is a technology company from Sweden standing for DesignFunction and they make specific products for specific people. They put a priority on the major factors of the design of their products, which I find makes their products simple and easy to enjoy. At a surprising price point of $79 USD, you get a lot of options for such a low investment. Just to give you[Read More]

Philips Hue Outdoor Lighting Is Perfect For Backyard Parties And Patios

With summer and good weather still in full swing, people are spending as much time outside as possible in Canada. We endured a long winter and the hot weather is certainly and always welcome. In order for us to maximize our time outside, we have activities morning until night. From coffee to cocktails throughout the day to lovely group dinners with friends or family at night. Enter Philips Smart Outdoor Hue Lighting Here is your chance, your opportunity to create and curate the perfect environment and ambiance outdoors with Philips Outdoor Hue Lighting. A lot of people have great patio[Read More]

Review: Defunc TRUE Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

We agree it’s tough to find good Bluetooth earphones. There are more and more options hitting the market, but which to choose? In order for me to switch from normal corded earphones to Bluetooth ones, I have some criteria. They have to connect easily, both of them, easy to wear, not falling out every two seconds, nice looking both in-ear and out of the ear, easy to store in my pocket, a good amount of time and ones that charge easy. A tough list to check all the boxes, but will the Defunc TRUE Bluetooth Earbuds endure? This article features[Read More]

DeFunc Bluetooth Headphones and Dual Speakers Are The Perfect Combo For Play Home and Away

If you travel a lot, your music tends to travel with you everywhere you go. But, when it comes to your favourite songs,  podcasts or audiobooks, you want great quality sound both home and away. Whether, it’s a commute, a flight, a hotel room, or an enjoyable picnic outside, great sound is essential for a time of relaxation, focus, great times for you or more people. We find when it comes to the great sound you have to compromise a lot. Bigger headphones, speakers that aren’t portable or expensive, specific-use audio systems. However, we think we found a coordinated option[Read More]

Take Better Sound With You With The LG Music Flow P5 Bluetooth Speaker

Looking for a sleek sounding bluetooth speaker you can take just about anywhere? The LG Music Flow P5 is a great, compact bluetooth speaker that is beautifully designed but also packs a good punch of sound. The portable design means it can go easily in a bag with you and doesn’t take much space up on your desk. I found it most useful with it was connected to my iMac sitting on my desk. It added more bass when it comes to playing movies or music. It gives you that extra depth of sound compared to what you would find with a computer’s speaker.[Read More]

Immerse Yourself in the Inspiration of Innis and Gunn

What is it like to drink a beer on the top of a Scottish cliff? What is it like to sip a Craft Lager beer, while seeing how the waves hit the shores of St. Abbs? Innis & Gunn offers customers a chance to immerse themselves into a beer drinking experience they haven’t witnessed before. The crafted Scottish beer bring together the enjoyment of a nice Innis & Gunn glass with addition of a virtual reality experience. Put on the branded VR headset and get transported to some of the most beautiful areas around the UK, Scotland, and more. Welcome to Immersive[Read More]

The LG G4: A Serious Smart Phone Contender

When it comes to smart phones, there are a few brands that come predominantly to mind. I have had both of them. Each have their strengths and weaknesses and features about them. However, people often forget what they use their phones for. They might have plenty of apps to modify images, games, and such that just sit for years on their homepage clicked once in a blue moon. But, for a majority of people on their phones, they use it to connect, share, socialize and capture moments. So, we wanted to carve out some time to put towards talking about the[Read More]

The Panasonic Household: The DECT Smart Home Phone System

When it comes updating the household, you can change a few things up to make your phone feel more modern. You can grab a new can of paint, buy a new side table, new rug, and so on, but you could also update the technology you have in your home and bring it into the 21st century. We would like to introduce you to one part of the Panasonic family. The Panasonic DECT’s Premium Design Series Enter The New Smart Phone for Your Home. Whether it’s at your office, parent’s home or your home, someone has a cordless phone that is just too[Read More]

Microsoft’s The Power Of One Event: Launching XBox One

Last Monday night we attended Microsoft’s Power Of One Event at Bloke & 4th and it was quite the party! It was the launch of the XBOX One, where new gamers, loyal XBOX fans, and more headed to the screens to check out the latest games on the newly released system. The event was filled with everyone from the advertising industry to singer/songwriters to everyone in between. The vibe was great, mingling, connections were being made and everyone was is great spirits for the night. One of the games to watch out for is definitely Forza 5. This game looked beautiful.[Read More]

The Mobiado Grand Touch Executive Smart Phone

How fashionable is your phone? With the smartphone market growth over the years and competition getting fierce, the need for individuality is becoming more prominent, even in smartphones. Most companies have turned to design and aesthetics with their phones, with some phones copying other phone’s designs. Mobiado aims to be different and unique, and fly over the competition while they compete against each other. They wanted to incorporate a different type of phone, an extravagant phone. Enter the Mobiado Grand Touch Executive Smart Phone The Mobiado Grand Touch Executive SmartPhone brings smartphone fashion to the next level, by creating a phone that[Read More]

Use iOS to Power Your Home With Savant Systems

Want a sneak peek into the home of the future? What happens if you were able to control multiple devices, electronics, and even lighting and security straight from your fingertips using a device you probably already own. What if that device could turn on and off home electronics and even monitor your security systems in your home, from anywhere in the world? Savant Systems brings you the control to power home and media systems with just a couple of taps on your iOS devices. Below is a video explaining more. The Savant Toronto Experience Center Savant Systems had their launch[Read More]

Porsche Design P’9981 Smartphone from BlackBerry

Price: $1890.00 Want a phone that matches your Porsche? [P]orsche Design teams up with Research in Motion to launch the much anticipated Porsche Design BlackBerry P’9981 smartphone in Canada. You can find this smartphone exclusively at the Porsche Design store in Toronto at their recently opened Yorkville location. Enter The Porsche Design BlackBerry P’9981 Smartphone The tagline from the BlackBerry release states ‘Engineered Luxury Meets Powered Performance’. But is that true? Not too long ago, BlackBerry was the go-to phone for business and fast interaction with applications built in like BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), fast email response, and high levels of[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy S2

Price: $599.95 The Galaxy S2 by Samsung is one of the most innovative phones on the market right now. When Samsung describes it as ‘Vivid. Fast. Slim’, they are most definitely right. The Galaxy S2 super-phone boasts a dual-core processor and supports 4G, meaning the phone’s web browsing is very quick and nimble. It has a 4.3″ AMOLED screen which is full of vivid colour and a display you can use in both bright and dark lit situations very easily. Samsung has always competed with Apple, with its iPad and iPhone releases, and this is no different. It supports the[Read More]

How Luxury and Rolex Watches Are Made

How Luxury Watches Are Made Price for watch in video: $150,000 Many watches are digital now, but most of the higher-end luxury watches are made by hand, which if made with good workmanship, increases it’s value. Some watches can be priced around $500, but for the watch in the video below, it costs $150,000. These videos are a great way to see where a watch earns it’s value, and why some watches are more expensive than others. Here is the video: Here is another video on how a Rolex watch is made: Question: After seeing this video and how luxury[Read More]