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Barrington Griffiths Men’s Modern Classic Watch

Barrington Griffiths Men’s Modern Classic Watch

Price: $665

Barrington Griffiths Men’s Modern Classic Watch is a stylish mechanical (windup) watch, that is definitely going to get noticed if it’s on your wrist.

The movement within the watch is made from recycled Swiss watch movements, so it’s as smooth as a Swiss pocket watch. The strong colours make the watch stand out, but the stainless steel water resistant casing and domed crystal make it rigid and functional.

Barrington Griffiths is a Canadian company founded in 2010, and they manufacture the Modern Classic watches in Calgary Alberta.

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Visit the Barrington Griffiths Online Store to buy the Modern Classic.

Question: Do you think mechanical watches are dead?


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  1. Guest

    Mechanical watches are definitely not dead. They are a classy addition to a wardrobe. Unfortunately, the market segment this particular brand appears to fight in (~$500 price range) is heavily contested and relatively undefined, unlike the more defined segment that occurs at the $7,500+ range (i.e. Rolex, Breitling, Omega, etc.).

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