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Baume & Mercier Clifton Watches: From Bay Street To Bay Front

Success requires perfect timing.

Something that many business people, big wigs, entrepreneurs, and big time celebrities know. The idea that you can be at the right place at the right time can really change your whole world.

Time is money, so don’t be caught wearing something that doesn’t reflect your time.

This is exactly what the new Clifton timepieces by Baume & Mercier offer.

With a long standing history filled with prestige and innovation, it is no surprise that these new pieces are the perfect addition for the modern day man; a man who not only desires a classic everyday look but also the precision and reliability of Swiss watchmaking.

Each Clifton model is rounded with a sleek 18k red gold case, a beautiful sun satin-finished dial and a lush yet sturdy alligator band. Beneath the face lies the classic Baume & Mercier automatic mechanical caliber that is visible through the translucent sapphire crystal backing.

The Wolf On Bay Street

Price: $6,450.00

The first Clifton model – 10058 – offers a more classic and structured look pairing a luxurious black crocodile band with a white watch face. Something that would be more suited towards business forward environments.

Watching the clock each day can have it’s charm and if you pair this with a well-tailored suit, shined shoes, colourful business socks with a well put together shirt and tie combination, it will be a subtle killer to your outfit.

Watch the red gold case just sneak passed the cuffs of your shirt and make a statement every time the watch separates from your suit.


The Punch Out Clock

Price: $6,450.00

The following Clifton 10059 model plays off a more modern and stated design, catered towards a more leisurely lifestyle while still maintaining the integrity and class that the company is so well known for.

Whether it’s heading up north for a relaxation afternoon on the boat, hitting up the links, hosting a dinner party, or even just heading over the bay front for an afternoon coffee, this is the perfect watch for that.



These two pieces model the perfect duo starter collection to bring you from the hustle and bustle of the day to that relaxing night out on the town.

Whatever your choice may be, there is no doubt that the Clifton will provide what you need to get through your 9-5 and more. Baume & Mercier will never fail to provide you with complete perfection – which is all we really need nowadays to keep us on the fast track to success!


The Clifton models are available at Canadian choice luxury retailer Birks, where uncompromised quality, trust and unparalleled is a promise.

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Which one are you more likely to wear?

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  1. terencewiig

    Perfect timing? More like amateur hour. This post summarizes everything that’s wrong with this blog, and dozens like it – glossing over the real meat and details in favour of this juvenile, half-baked fixation on “lifestyle” and boyish invented fantasy moments. The Clifton’s a great piece – why not discuss how the base calibres eschewed ETA in favour of Sellita, or how those models are stainless (not gold), or how the rose gold was kept to a more modest size, or the much-hyped calendar model? Or, from a business perspective, how far Baume et Mercier have come in a short time here, and the reaction to this piece at SIHH and others? Nope, too real – let’s just whip up some sad, boyish dream scenarios, the kind used to peddle every “Swiss Made” ETA movement piece sold, all in the name of fulfilling the “luxury” blog stereotype.

    Look guys, it’s like you’re acting at something – and if there’s anything today’s guy doesn’t need it’s incentive to front or daydream, trying to live out these big dog fantasies before the skills and acumen are there. Step this stuff up. Lay off this dated, pitiful “lifestyle” obsession and put real words to real products/services worth our time, be straight up, and don’t do marketing’s work for them – they’re not paying you enough for that, and your readers deserve better. Post-2008 you should be proving how each “luxury” item has a value equivalent to its price, getting to the heart of the matter, vs. just encouraging daydreamers.

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