Campari Killer in Red LXRY Magazine Article

Campari Creates Killer In Red Cinematic Short Film

Campari wants to take you into their world. They want you to experience a time and a place of desire, cunning conversation and devilish desire. A world surrounded by a killer story.

Killer in Red | Short Film

This short film was written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino, well-known Italian director, who paints a story of a bartender re-telling the story of his successor.

Clive Owen stars in the short film as the main character that looks like a lot of people. But he has his eyes set on a lady in red. He is one of my favourite actors, so it was quite easy to watch it.

Enjoy the bar-side journey that is filled with glares, glasses and great looking beverages complimented with Campari.

Every cocktail tells a story, what story will come of your cocktail?