Ford Is Back In Formula 1 With Oracle Red Bull Racing

Exciting news for racing fans! Ford is back in F1 and with one of the most powerful teams on the grid, Oracle Red Bull Racing for 2026 season and beyond.

Enter Ford’s Partnership with Oracle Red Bull Racing

The news was announced in New York City at the launch of the Red Bull RB19 Formula One car, the returning champion from last season. It was announced that Ford will be a technical partner with the Oracle Red Bull Racing team and work together on the next-generation hybrid power units, which will also be used by Scuderia AlphaTauri from 2026 to 2030.

Ford wants to put more emphasis on speed that’s green, more eco-friendly racing and more development into hybrid technologies. This will include a 350kW electric motor and a new combustion engine that can run on fully sustainable fuels and be ready for the 2026 season.

Ford will help the front-running World Championship team in any way it can with its technical know-how. Together, they will look into the development of combustion engines and key technologies, such as battery cell and electric motor technology, power unit control software, and analytics.

Investing in Hybrid Systems is Nothing New For Ford

Ford is spending $50 billion to lead the global electric vehicle (EV) revolution. It is the number two electric vehicle company in the U.S., thanks to the popularity of the F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E, and the E-Transit is the market leader in many places around the world. As part of its Ford+ plan, Ford is working to meet rising customer demand and deliver 600,000 electric vehicles around the world every year by the end of this year and 2 million by the end of 2026.

Ford’s Continued Heritage And Legacy in Racing

In 2026, Ford will be the only company to compete in all types of racing, from grassroots motorsports to Formula 1. This includes WEC and IMSA, including the Le Mans 24 Hours with the Mustang GT3, WRC with the M-Sport Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1, the Baja 1000 with the Ranger Raptor and Bronco, NASCAR, NHRA, and Supercars with the Mustang, and Baja 1000 with the Ranger Raptor and Bronco. Ford uses its racing efforts to bring new innovations, technologies, and software to consumers quickly. A lot of races and time around the track.

The Bottom Line

I remember growing up watching Ford’s Cosworth engines powering different cars on the grid back in the early 2000s, it’s nice to see that they are back in business and have that racing spirit and hunger again for the pinnacle of motorsport. I was always waiting for Ford to get back into the mix with the sheer amount of racing pedigree it has throughout its history. I am so happy to see Ford back, developing new hybrid technologies that will be pushed to their absolute limits both on and off the track.

I look forward to the 2026 season.

Photos Courtesy of Ford and Oracle Red Bull Racing

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