Challenging My Golf Game At Troon North Golf Club in Scottsdale

Quick question, how is your golf game?

When it comes to the Troon North Golf Club, after a round of it, you might know exactly where you need to improve. It’s a challenging, yet rewarding course based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is an absolute golf destination for avid golfers and enthusiasts alike.

Enter Troon North Golf Club

Troon North Golf Club is an opulent and exclusive golf location that provides golfers with the opportunity to play a challenging, yet scenic round. This exclusive club may be found less than an hour north of Phoenix, Arizona, encompassed on all sides by the breathtaking scenery of the Sonoran Desert.

Both the Monument and the Pinnacle courses at the Troon North Golf Club are outstanding examples of 18-hole layouts that are known for their difficulty, obstacles that force you to narrow your focus, and attention to aesthetic detail respectively. In contrast to the Monument course, which is famed for its breathtaking vistas and difficult greens, the Pinnacle course features a game that is both more strategic and harder. Both of the courses are in excellent condition and provide a golfing experience that is genuinely unparalleled.

I was lucky enough to get a tee time early (because it’s extremely hot any time after 10:00 am in Arizona) at the Monument course and it was worth every penny of play.

What it’s like to play a round at Troon North Golf Club

Troon North is challenging, it wants you to play the course how it’s intended. It gives you illusions that there is space with your tee shot or approach and then you end up walking up to see your ball is in a bunker. This is a great course for an opportunist like me, looking to better themselves after every shot, or it could be a long day for a player with a short temper.

It really is you versus yourself out there on the course. The course itself provides little relief for bad shots and bad decision-making. You may find yourself hot and sweaty from the Sonoran sun, but when you step into that cart after hitting a crisp wedge that ends up 5 feet to the pin, you completely forget about the heat.

I love technical courses where you can play how it was designed and meant to be enjoyed. You may have to play feeling like you are boxed in from the golf architect’s design, but at the same time, you feel rewarded when you break the mould a few times, especially with a longer-than-expected drive and find yourself in birdie territory.

It’s scenic, intimidating, an uphill battle from the first tee. I can’t wait to play it again.

Besides the wide farm fields that call themselves golf courses in most of the golf courses in Ontario, this is a taste of the big leagues. You have to be accurate, you have to lay up, you have to play the ball toward its next shot and you have to be more strategic to really get the most out of Troon North. If you come in looking to pin-seek, you are going to hold everyone up.

The fairways are fast and I found the greens to be fair, not rewarding or forgiving, but a fair transaction between shot and result. The time I played the course was in great condition and the staff and everyone was very good to us on the course.

Aprés Golf

The Troon North Golf Club provides not only a golfing experience on par with the best in the world but also a wide range of other amenities and services to make your time there more enjoyable. The club features a fully stocked pro shop, an elegant clubhouse, and a group of highly qualified employees who are committed to delivering an experience that is above and above your expectations.

The Bottom Line

In general, Troon North Golf Club is a genuinely opulent and elite golfing location that provides golfers with an experience that is on par with the best in the world. Any golfer who is serious about the game should absolutely make the trip here to experience the breathtaking courses, exquisite amenities, and devoted staff.

Word to the wise, book early in the day because you are going to bake in the sun if you are teeing off past 11:00 am. My recommendation would be the earlier the better or a tee time past 4:00 pm to have the blue hour cool down the course.

Learn more and book your round today for Troon North Golf Club.

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