Glen Grant: Bring This To The Table And Raise Your Scotch Whiskey Game

Do you enjoy scotch? Scotch has had a lot of competition and growth over the years, especially Glen Grant.

It’s a spirit that has a long history but constantly is breaking out of its shell in new ways with the process, of barrelling, bartending, and more.

Enter Glen Grant Scotch Whiskey

For decades, if you even put scotch over ice instead of cold rocks would have been sacrilege, now everyone from bartenders to kitchen table mixologists is experimenting more with traditional spirits. People are breaking down walls of yesteryear and making some really interesting cocktails with scotch. But, any good bartender will tell you, it’s all about the quality of the ingredients that will make the cocktail.

What I look for in a Scotch Whiskey are two things. One, I like one with a deep history and, two, has deep roots in Scottish heritage (just like me).

I want to feel like I just got off the plane from a flight from Glasgow after drinking this. I want the feeling of showing up to a social gathering with this in hand with people thinking I just arrived right there from the airport.

Glen Grant Scotch Whiskey, for me, satisfies both of those requirements from me. It has a rich heritage with the Scotch Whiskey made since 1840 and it’s very, very Scottish.

With its generational age, it gives Glen Grant the ability to be very flexible compared to a young brand with regards to crafting its Scotch Whiskey. It gives the brand a lot more patience and more of a relaxed take on innovation. Which allows them to sit down and think about what their Scotch Whiskey should taste like. Also, with that much time making their whiskey, they can perfect 12 and 18 years with thousands of hours of testing, feedback, and developing the process and years invested to make more. It’s not like a younger spirit brand that only has a couple of tries at something like this, Glen Grant has already been through that process. They already know what works and what doesn’t.

We had the opportunity to meet Robyn Coupar, brand ambassador for Glen Grant, and all-around knowledgeable Scotsman. He took me through the two different products fully, the 12 Year and the 18 Year Old Scotch Whiskey from Glen Grant.

They are starting with the 12 Year in Canada and then moving into more of the different ages Scotches in the months and years to come.

The Glen Grant Scotch Whiskey Taste Test

Before we got down to the liquid gold, we took a trip, in our seats, to where Glen Grant is made.

12-Year-Old Glen Grant Scotch Whiskey

The 12-year-old Glen Grant is a scotch that bites first at the front of your palate and gently rolls the red carpet out for the rest of it. The flavours unravel as they slowly move down the palate towards the back of your mouth.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Bright Gold
Aroma: Honey, pear, and apple with hints of almond and citrus
Taste: Apple pie crust, caramel, and vanilla
Finish: Lingering fruit with subtle hints of spice
ABV: 43%

18-Year-Old Glen Grant Scotch Whiskey

The 18-year-old Scotch Whiskey was a little different. It hit one spot and burst with a delight of delicious whiskey bite from wherever it hit your tongue, then filled the rest of your mouth with smooth aroma and flavour.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Bright Gold
Aroma: Rich and floral with oaky overtones and hints of baking spices
Taste: Malty caramel, delicate, dried raisins and vanilla
Finish: Long, sweet with hints of nuts and spice
ABV: 43%

Both Scotches have their lanes. One with more of a gentle touch and the other with more of a smooth, robust flavour. It depends on preference in that regard.

The Bottom Line

If you brought this to a table right now in Canada, all eyes are going to be on you. You are going to have to answer the questions and you are going to be getting the attention. The ‘what is that?’ looks will flood over you from curious friends. Glen Grant seems like the Scotch Whiskey that people have seen and heard about but haven’t tried, yet. People awaiting your thoughts, hanging on your words for what makes this Scotch Whiskey, a Glen Grant. What are you going to say? Will you talk about the 1840 conception date? Maybe it was made and bottled on-site? Maybe it’s the tasting notes. With whatever direction the conversation goes in, you will have it covered. You will answer with confidence and passion because that’s what this Scotch Whiskey is made of and that’s what will be coming from you too.

For more information about the 12-Year old or 18-Year old Glen Grant Scotch Whiskey, be sure to visit their website and please enjoy responsibly.

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