The New Lincoln Digital Experience: Complimenting Automotive Elegance

In an era where digital innovation intersects with luxurious movement, the Lincoln Digital Experience emerges as a new contender of technology that brings both sophistication and personalization to your drive. Spearheaded by an alliance with Google’s suite of applications and services, this avant-garde and panoramic system elevates the essence of your journey, offering a seamless blend of convenience and advanced customization at your fingertips.

A Peek Into New Innovative Digital Displays

At the heart of the Lincoln Digital Experience lies a center-stack touchscreen, a conduit of essential information, connected pathways, and tailored content, complemented by a swooping panoramic screen around the driver’s and front passenger’s point-of-view, creating a digital vista of sorts.

Google Play Store Integration

This integration of the Google Play Store allows Lincoln to provide a curated selection of apps designed for navigation, amusement, and beyond, ensuring that your preferences are but a touch away.

Tailored Digital Canvas: Your Personalized Interface

Sculpt your digital landscape with unparalleled ease, arranging your favourite widgets, tailored LED lighting, apps and settings to position your frequently utilized applications to your liking.

The Lincoln Digital Experience

Being Parked Has Never Been More Entertaining

Embrace a year of complimentary Lincoln Premium Connectivity and immerse yourself in a realm of entertainment possibilities. From streaming your favourite videos, TV shows and movies on YouTube, Netflix and Prime Video to engaging in interactive games while parked through a Bluetooth controller, your in-cabin experience is enhanced through continuous software updates, ensuring that the Lincoln Digital Experience evolves as you enjoy your car.

Connected Navigation

Google Maps, in its convenient glory, adorns your home screen or takes center stage on the panoramic display, offering an intuitive navigational experience through a head-level HUD, keeping your eyes more on the road in front of you. With live traffic updates and automatic rerouting, to all the fun of finding new local favourites, convenience is a priority all from your Lincoln.

5G Connectivity

Available in the 2024 Nautilus® and the upcoming 2025 Aviator®, a standard embedded modem with 5G Wi-Fi capability ensures an unparalleled connectivity experience for up to 10 devices, supporting the comprehensive features of the Lincoln Digital Experience.

Personalize your digital sanctuary by creating a personal profile, adjusting your seat, and steering wheel preferences, and, upon signing into your Google Account, explore an expanded universe of apps on Google Play for an experience that is distinctly yours.

The Lincoln Digital Experience

The Bottom Line

In crafting this narrative, we delve into the world of complimenting an already wonderful driving experience with a complimenting digital one. Steering clear of the mundane, the Lincoln Digital Experience is rich in features, intuitive in nature and design and unique in expression, embodying the essence of digital sophistication for the two vehicles it is launching with and the next models for the years to come.

Learn more about the Lincoln Digital Experience today.

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