Warm Up To Winter Luxury: SENTALER Brings New Look For Flagship Store In Yorkville Village

Are you looking for something different than a started parka with fake fur on it to stand out this winter? In the space of luxury outerwear, there’s a name that has stylishly and subtly taken over the high-end winter coat game, across Canada, the USA and the world over – SENTALER.

Enter Sentaler

Bojana Sentaler, the visioned founder, discovered the exquisite alpaca fibre while living in Peru. It was the love of the warm and lightweight fabric that led her to launch Sentaler as a luxury outerwear brand in 2009​.

SENTALER store, Yorkville Village, Toronto, Yorkville

Courtesy of SENTALER

SENTALER Renovates Flagship Toronto Store

A new chapter in SENTALER’s life begins on a bright and beautiful afternoon in Yorkville Village, the most affluent neighbourhood in all of Toronto.

After being a go-to coat for the lives of notable people such as Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, Halle Berry, and even Big Sean, the company recently completed the renovation of its main store in Yorkville Village and reopened it, marking a significant turning point in the brand’s larger narrative.

SENTALER store, Yorkville Village, Toronto, Yorkville

Courtesy of SENTALER

Their flagship store in Yorkville Village has recently undergone a renovation, and the results are stunning and modern displays of the brand’s enduring products. The store’s interior is primarily black and white, which the contrast makes it ideal for showcasing the brightly coloured accents that are featured on the company’s coats and accessories.

The flagship store can be found in Yorkville Village, and it invites people who are interested into a world where each alpaca coat tells a tale of refined and classic design.

When SENTALER enters this new era, it’s not only about the opulent storefront or the exquisitely produced garments that are waiting inside; it’s also about something else entirely. It is about a story that has been knitted together with determination, foresight, and a genuine regard for craftsmanship.

SENTALER store, Yorkville Village, Toronto, Yorkville

Courtesy of SENTALER

The flagship store in Yorkville Village isn’t just a retail space; rather, it’s a canvas where luxury, culture, and narrative find a harmonic balance, much like the delicate threads of alpaca that dance gracefully through the core of each creation. The store was designed to seem like an extension of the brand’s artisanal process.

Gifting Something For A Hockey Fan?

Courtesy of Sentaler

If you are looking for something personalized, warm and for a good cause for that special someone in your life. I would invite you to learn more about the collaboration between SENTALER and John Tavares, Captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs and his charity, The John Tavares Foundation.

Courtesy of Sentaler

This Varsity Jacket is a one-of-a-kind, customizable piece made in the world’s best fabric—Peruvian Baby Alpaca wool—in a run of just 91 pieces.  It also has lining has a quilted padded filling for extra warmth, perfect for sitting up close at the Maple Leafs’ game.

The lucky person who owns one of these limited-run jackets can add any letter or number they want to the front and back. The John Tavares Foundation will receive the money from the sale of all 91 SENTALER x John Tavares Varsity Jackets.

Learn more and purchase the limited edition jacket here.

The Bottom Line

SENTALER’s journey crosses geographical bounds as the world steps into this narrative, one elegant coat at a time. This echoes the brand’s aim to continue growing internationally, reaching out to customers in all of the main fashion cities across the world.

Their voyage, which is embroidered with experiences ranging from Peru to Yorkville, is a monument to this essence of discovery, an odyssey that continues to expand, one delicate thread at a time.

If you would like to learn more about SENTALER, be sure to visit their website.

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