10 Prince Arthur: Contemporary Living With A $15M Penthouse in Yorkville

Are you looking to enjoy one of the most desirable areas in Toronto steps from your newly designed home? The 10 Prince Arthur just might be the answer to your question.

At 10 Prince Arthur, just across the street and west of Yorkville Village is making home to an 8-storey residence with 28 fully-fledged terraced residences by North Drive developments.

Read on to learn more about the new project.

The Exterior of The 10 Prince Arthur

Are you looking for a low-rise, quiet and refined building that showcases some new modern, yet classic flair?

For the 10 Prince Arthur, the curbside appeal will be high with this project as you see the layered and large units spanning the building. The building itself, even though a low-rise residence, has a large stature from the street side.

I get the feeling from the renderings that the architecture will fill out to be of a late-modernistic design, that will stay looking contemporary, yet timeless. It’s that almost Chicago-School uniform style at the front mixed with that modern flair as it sits back as the design goes up the building.

The incorporation of the white house on the right-hand side of the building seemingly makes the building feel homely and provides an interesting contrast to the rest of the building. A mix of traditional, so people feel like it’s another home on the street and neighborly in a few ways, yet the rest of the building showcasing the street is progressing. It’s a continuation you don’t see a lot in architecture, especially in Toronto too often.  You can tell the designers wanted to slightly contrast this design based on the fact they have the white house as a different colour from the rest of the development.


Continuing on to the outdoor areas, it seemingly has a great amount of room to enjoy, while having trees and plants giving the space around you some added privacy.

The Interior of the 10 Prince Arthur

10 Prince Arthur 2021 Yorkville Interior Dining

This is where that design choice of traditional and modern meet again. The natural earth tones and almost Scandinavian palette gives a dimension and a lot of opportunities for bold colour, statement pieces, and art.

The living rooms showcase these white outlined spaces but bring in certain detail like the thin black framed sliding doors to add separation and contrast to the room. It looks to have a nice balance of contemporary style but openness to the rest of the rooms.

Take this kitchen continuation to the living room for example. The kitchen is widespread, beautifully functional, and built for entertaining, large dinners, and just about anything. The L-shaped kitchen has a lovely continuation between the countertop and the backsplash and simplifies the design by using white cabinets. The Scandinavian feel comes through with the wood flooring and muted earth tone palette featured distinctly in this particular kitchen visual. Overall, I would be very elated to be in a ‘designed-for-life’ kitchen like this one.

Additional Details About 10 Prince Arthur

The latest from luxury real estate developer, North Drive, offers a contemporary building that will age well in the neighbourhood it finds itself in. The units have an average size of 2,500 sq.ft., so you won’t feel so cramped if you are downsizing from a larger home footprint.

With a contemporary design, to really pull it off, you have to have details in mind. North Drive has included hand-made brick from Denmark and Indian/Algonquin limestone for their exteriors. I am interested to see what the finishes and appliances will be, so be sure to ask when you learn more about the property through the link below.

The $15 Million Penthouse

If you wanted to really live large in Yorkville, you can enjoy a 3-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom mansion of space atop the building for the penthouse unit.

The top unit will cost you a cool $15 million, but you can enjoy 5,918 sq. ft. of home, complete with 3,102 sq. ft. of your own outdoor space. That’s over 9,000 sq. ft. That’s almost as big as the whole beauty floor in Holt Renfrew store on Bloor Street. The unit also includes your own library, butler’s pantry, great room, and dual walk-in closets.

If the penthouse lifestyle isn’t your speed, then you can enjoy the units starting price at $3 million with two- and three-bedroom units ranging from 1,430 sq. ft. to a whopping 5,920 sq. ft.

The Bottom Line

For those who want to enjoy the details of a new, contemporary lifestyle across the street of the prestigious Yorkville Village, then I would look into the 10 Prince Arthur development.

Although it might not be for every buyer, those interested will appreciate the simple, yet modern interior to display prized possessions and have the space to display them properly. If you are coming from a much bigger house, you won’t feel so cramped in your new, more managed lifestyle. I am really excited about this project because of the design and look. I think it adds a lot to that area and I am looking forward to seeing it when it becomes closer to completion.

For more information about the 10 Prince Arthur, or if you are interested in registering for more information about the project, be sure to visit their website today.

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