Rounding Out Our Time At Fox Harb’r Resort

Date: July 21, 2016

Good morning from Fox Harb’r Resort!

After a wonderful night’s sleep, a jacuzzi bath and a shower, I was ready for the morning ahead. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast, much needed coffee and delicious Eggs Benedict, looking forward for the day ahead.

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Next, we hopped into some golf carts and made our way around the 1,150 acre property. First, we went to the Nike Golf Academy (second in Canada) to see their facilities. The technology built into this facility was amazing. Everything delivered such precise and telling results about your golf swing. From direction, swing, speeds, distances, it was all there for you and your golf pro to analyze. You could actually send your swings to the pro here if you were abroad from Fox Harb’r Resort to make sure you are staying the course. Pretty great for a golf enthusiast looking to get the most out of their round. Especially the feeling of more accomplishment and consistency with their swing.


This facility was expansive to say the least!

Next up, we went to the hangar where the plane that landed from yesterday’s post was and Steve Joyce, son of entrepreneur, Ron Joyce, took us through. The private jet was beautiful and had some great detailing and a beautiful interior.


Then we went out back behind the hangar and Michael Stewart, who runs all the horticulture of the property, toured us around what he loves most.


We saw delicious looking tomato plants growing and other beautiful vegetation that’s used in the ingredients for most of the dishes served at Fox Harb’r. Beautiful tulips as well, which are better looking than the ones you would find in most stores.


After surveying the area and understanding the topography and beautiful landscaping of the property, it was time for lunch. For lunch, at their pub-style restaurant, The Williard, we had the best fish and chips I’ve ever had and energized for a full round of golf at their Championship course.

Challenging. Scenic. Forgivable (if you play well). Three words that I would describe the golf course at Fox Harb’r Resort and my time on the course. Playing the course made me want to play the course again.

It’s like seeing a movie where you realize the secret twist after the fact and you want to see the movie again to see how it all takes place. The course was beautiful with most holes spanning the Atlantic Ocean and distracting you from your game, but it a good way.

Went back for a quick change up and over to the lighthouse marina on the far side of the property. Captain Pete took us out in a pontoon boat to see Oak Island, which if the tide is low enough, you can walk from the main island. A rare concept to comprehend, especially if you are from Toronto, like yours truly.

We saw some seals on our way, looking like the Loch Ness Monster from our camera’s viewfinder, peaking in and out of the water.

Finally, ended the day up the day at Ron Joyce’s house on the property which can be used as an event or hosting space some time. Beautiful oceanic view outside the windows and hosted a variety of food, fresh from the waters of Nova Scotia.

The day was action packed and eventful, but the resort, people and even the chef. Even though their attention to detail is among the best I have seen, their personalities, how personable they are, are those of best friends you have or buddies from college or university that you have developed. It’s terrific and refreshing.


Day three, my final day is coming up and I can’t wait to tell you more about the property. Lots to do in and around the area (if you don’t mind a short drive), plus all the things you need to develop passions more, with the golf course and facility, which I will talk more about tomorrow.

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Written by Mr. Dolson. (TW: @stevedolson / IG: @stevedolson).