A Jet Makes A Better Entrance Than Me At Fox Harb’r Resort

Woke up this morning, excited.

I realized something. I was heading to the east coast today.

This is somewhat a rare occurrence for Canadian luxury. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of luxury out on the east coast. The views are stunning and there are plenty of beautiful experiences you can have that are both rich and fulfilling. Yet, people tend to look west for stories like this. City centres with a big hotelier names. Or something more ‘in town’. However these (the story I am about to tell you) are the stories we love. People trying to bring light to and highlight the beauty of this discovered territory.

Boarded the flight and then was picked up by the shuttle, heading directly to the Fox Harb’r Resort. I saw the map and we were cutting through most of Halifax. Heading to the northern coastline of Nova Scotia, just across the pond from PEI. The shuttle itself was full of rolling roads, unique to those used to Toronto driving, however the ride seemed familiar. It felt like a drive that I would take up to Muskoka or other popular cottage country destinations.

We arrived at the resort and shown to our rooms. The rooms were huge. Spanning the length of the home-style residence. The room has a small bar/kitchenette, full living room, study (that I am currently working on), a two-sink bathroom with bathtub and shower and a beautiful bedroom too. Another strong notable feature has got to be the private outdoor space for you to kick back and enjoy. You can have a balcony on the top floor or a nice shaded walk-out on the ground floor with great views of the golf course, secretly and subtly urging you to play as soon as you can.


Ron Joyce, the founder of this property whooshes in on his private jet with this son, Steven, right behind us on the private landing strip. What an entrance.

After we were all stunned by how impactful that moment was, hunger soon followed. Mostly a strong hunger for wealth, but also food.

We met up with the other journalists and wonderful writers at the main building and enjoyed a wonderful dinner. Steven Joyce, along with the President of the company, Kevin Toth, joined us. Even the chef joined us afterwards.

It was a night filled with amazing food, wine (notably maple ice wine) and wonderful conversation.

Writers always have the best conversations.

Day 2, our most fun-filled and action packed day, is tomorrow. Stay tuned, you are going to want to see some of these upcoming pictures.


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For more information about Fox Harb’r Resort, visit their website.

See where it’s located below:

Written by Mr. Dolson. (TW: @stevedolson / IG: @stevedolson).