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A Conversation With Leeah Kim: Image Consultant

We get this a lot. We see people with a lot of swagger, but not a lot of style. It doesn’t matter how much money they have or if you are just starting out, style requires style. Luckily for those who need it, or think they don’t need it but their friends should speak up more…there are image consultants. Image consultants are great for confidence and more, but I won’t tell you, I will leave it to the professional.

So, we interviewed Leeah Kim, an Image Consultant and Founder of StyleSet. She carved out some time and told us about what people can learn about from Image Consultants.

Here is the interview below, enjoy.


LXRY: What is an image consultant and what do they do?

LK: An image consultant is someone who advises individuals on how to not only look their best through personal style on the outside, but to also feel and project their best self from the inside. Specialties may vary, but the key aspects of what an image consultant seeks to educate clients on, are the ways their style, verbal and non-verbal communication can impact their lives.

LXRY: What is the difference between an image consultant and a fashion stylist?

LK: Image consultants typically use a holistic approach and take into consideration each person as a whole – they educate on how their image can affect their daily lives based on their personality, lifestyle, body type and colouring. Personal branding would be a great way to describe what they do. Fashion stylists tend to push boundaries in terms of fashion and artistic self expression by showcasing clothing, accessories and latest trends on a person.

LXRY: What aspects do you work on with your clients?

LK: Through evaluating, enhancing or upgrading a client’s appearance, I make sure that it is congruent with their personal and/or professional goals and lifestyle. This is achieved through such processes as colour analysis, wardrobe auditing, and personal shopping. However, as important as the clothes a person wears is, their communication skills are just as crucial such as gestures, the tone of voice and the manner in which a person speaks. First impressions and how people perceive you are what can make or break opportunities. This pertains to every facet of one’s life – in business, dating, and social situations. Each client has different needs so I offer assistance according to what they require. Some may need an overhaul, a refresher, or some clients may only need help with choosing something for a special occasion. It’s all customizable and that’s the beauty of it.

LXRY: What’s one thing you think people should focus on more?

LK: People should try finding their individual style. As the cliché goes, “Fashion is fleeting, but style is forever.” There is nothing wrong with incorporating fashion trends, but they should still match your personality, body type and lifestyle.

LXRY: After working with your clients for a few sessions, what changes do you find?

LK: Each client gains invaluable knowledge on the colours, lines and shapes that work best with their face and body. Learning social cues such as a good firm handshake for example, also help the way they are received by others. Through this process, the individual(s) gain greater self confidence in themselves and their abilities to put their best foot forward.

LXRY: What brings out more confidence in people? Improving their look and style or improving their mindset?

LK: One goes hand in hand with the other, without a doubt. Looking great makes you feel great. When you feel great, you have a more positive mindset. With a positive mindset, you can achieve great things. When don’t take care of your body or your health is poor, your whole persona can change. People pick up on your energy. When your energy level is high, people respond to that in the best of ways.

LXRY: Why should someone acquire an image consultant?

LK: Many people are willing to invest in themselves in various ways.  Whether it be personal health, skills or appearance, the greatest feeling is realizing your value.  Money can buy you all the best makeup in the world but if that makeup doesn’t compliment your skin tone, what good is it?  Having the right skills to knowing how to best compliment yourself is essential to becoming successful in any facet of your life.

LXRY: There are going to be a lot of parties this summer, if you wanted to dominate the events and be the talk of the town, how do you think you would do that?

LK: First off, you should give yourself enough time to get ready. Rushing will only dampen your spirits. Groom to be polished, and wear an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself and that fits your body. Wearing colours that suit you will not only brighten up your face but boost your mood as well. If you don’t have a lot of time to get ready i.e. attending an event after work, prep the night before. I am a huge advocate of accessories. A black dress that may be appropriate for work during the day can easily be transformed to look more dramatic for the night with a statement necklace and darker makeup. For the gents, adding a statement pocket square can be just the trick!

Aside from how you put yourself together on the outside, you can stand out from the crowd with your 100 watt smile, posture, confidence and approachability. Even if you’re shy, it doesn’t mean you can’t feel comfortable with yourself. People notice the non-verbal cues before you even open your mouth!

LXRY: Any tips or rules of thumbs people can try out before contacting you for more?

LK: I would say that people should try to look at their wardrobe and purge what they know doesn’t work for their lifestyle anymore. Having excess clutter only makes it more difficult to put outfits together. Also, be as comfortable in your skin as you can be. Everyone has their trouble spots or a complex about themselves, but making peace with them will only make the process that much easier. Many people get lost in what works for them, or they need assistance getting to that next level in their lives. That’s where an image consultant can come in and guide and educate on how to achieve what they desire.

For those interested in starting their path towards looking and feeling like the best version of themselves, book a consultation with Leeah Kim at Le***@st******.ca for more information.

Special thanks to Leeah!