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Immerse Yourself in the Inspiration of Innis and Gunn

What is it like to drink a beer on the top of a Scottish cliff? What is it like to sip a Craft Lager beer, while seeing how the waves hit the shores of St. Abbs? Innis & Gunn offers customers a chance to immerse themselves into a beer drinking experience they haven’t witnessed before. The crafted Scottish beer bring together the enjoyment of a nice Innis & Gunn glass with addition of a virtual reality experience. Put on the branded VR headset and get transported to some of the most beautiful areas around the UK, Scotland, and more. Welcome to Immersive[Read More]

Innis & Gunn Introduces Limited Edition Beers For The Summer

I had the pleasure of trying 5 different types of beer all from the Scottish beer maker, Innis & Gunn. Innis & Gunn is something different. They brew and mature their beers with hints of oak, so it’s really quite flavourful. With the new line of strong, bold flavours, they have also sweetened the lineup with new Melville’s Craft Lagers. Some nice alternatives to the original line up. Innis & Gunn’s Latest Limited Edition Beers Melville’s Ginger Craft Beer The Melville’s Ginger Craft Beer has a sharp taste, smooth feeling, but with an edge in the back of your throat. The[Read More]