Innis & Gunn Introduces Limited Edition Beers For The Summer

I had the pleasure of trying 5 different types of beer all from the Scottish beer maker, Innis & Gunn. Innis & Gunn is something different. They brew and mature their beers with hints of oak, so it’s really quite flavourful.

With the new line of strong, bold flavours, they have also sweetened the lineup with new Melville’s Craft Lagers. Some nice alternatives to the original line up.

Innis & Gunn’s Latest Limited Edition Beers

Melville’s Ginger Craft Beer


The Melville’s Ginger Craft Beer has a sharp taste, smooth feeling, but with an edge in the back of your throat. The beer is very flavorful, spicy even. It will make for a nice drink on the patio when you are looking to get distracted by the taste of beer, instead of with a large group drinking ‘the usual domestic’.

The bottle recommends the beer to be tried over ice, which I found it to be a lot better in terms of being refreshing, but the flavours become watered down with the softer flavours hitting you later on, yet easier to drink.

Overall, I would keep it in the bottle for more of the flavour but a good beer for those who are looking for a beer with some character and difference to it.

Best Drinking Scenario: Mid-to late-afternoon on the dock on a Saturday before dinner is served.

Melville’s Raspberry Craft Lager


The Melville’s Raspberry Craft Lager has a nice smooth taste, with a lot of raspberry flavour. I find it to be smoother than the ginger beer, but has a longer lingering flavour than the ginger beer does.

If I were you I would serve this beer more ice-cold than chilled, because if served ice cold it would get more of the bite from the raspberry. It is a nice beer to sip, with larger sips, it really brings the flavour home, but lands towards the middle of your mouth instead of the back of your throat, like with the Ginger Beer. Like ciders and other flavoured beers, the Melville Raspberry Lager brings to town the bigger flavour, but the lighter buzz. At 4.1%, it seems more like it will be enjoyed as a dessert beer if you are craving something sweet. It’s definitely a conversation piece and gives you a nice fading after taste that makes your breath more tolerable than other lagers.

Best Drinking Scenario: Small get together with friends around 6:30 pm in the city or maybe to be enjoyed with a light dinner.

Melville’s Strawberry Craft Lager


Upon having the Raspberry and Ginger Beer, I tried the Melville’s Strawberry Craft Lager. It is a great beer to sit alongside that evening appetizer and provides more a subtle taste, compared to the Raspberry Craft Lager. I found that the taste hits you in the front of your mouth compared to the ginger and the raspberry. More flavour seems to be on the tip of your tongue more than anything. It was very smooth, easy to drink and very civilized. It seems like the flavour of the beer carried nicely to the beer with ice, which made for a more refreshing beer.

Best Drinking Scenario: Middle of the week or an early afternoon treat, while the sun still hits the patio.

Innis & Gunn Scottish Pale Ale


Innis & Gunn is one of the most flavorful beers I have ever had. With the Scottish Pale Ale, it is no different. For some, a 7% beer is something that is too much for the senses, and in most cases, it is. The fact that this beer is so flavorful at 7% says something good about it. With a full-body taste, this Scottish Pale Ale fills your senses with a lot of power and after taste that lingers as a good scotch would. This drink is not for everyone, however, if you are a beer drinker looking for something that has a boldness about it compared to what you has tried previously, you might want to give this beer a chance.

It is a beautiful and distinguished bottle that makes a conversation piece made on just it’s flavour.

Best Drinking Scenario: Night out for a few drinks or a strong companion for an after-dinner drink.

Innis & Gunn Cherrywood Finish


Last but not least is the Innis & Gunn Canadian Cherrywood Finish. The bottle that came in the box. . . and for good reason too. This bottle of smooth, yet strong hops flavour mixed with a nice scotch undertone takes the cake in our opinion. The 8.3% beer might put off some individuals grabbing something at a lower percentage, but this one is something of a work of art. The auburn like hue coming from the bottle and the artwork showcases that it is something that has been hidden, aged away like a fine scotch, brewing and hand-crafted until served up. The beer is carefully matured for 49 days, which is somewhat unheard of for most commonly brewed beers. The taste is crisp, strong, and delicious, while the clear bottle showcases the foam that is leftover from a tasteful sip.

It’s a beer that reminds me of a cottage or when dressed up at a nice resort overlooking the Niagara Falls or Rocky’s in BC. It’s something for the distinguished urbanite that has a good taste for something different.

Best Drinking Scenario: Definitely a patio or cottage, where you have a lot of time to just sit back, relax, and soak up your surroundings.

One of the best ways you can enjoy a beer, or beverage, or just about anything is to leave it as a reward. I have a tradition when I am drinking beer, certain beers are left only when I celebrate my victories. Innis & Gunn has always been that brand for me if you see me with an Innis & Gunn, you know I am celebrating something, but I don’t drink it any other time than that. It’s the sweet, strong taste of success that you strive for.

Do you have a beer tradition?

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