The Best Way To Watch A Baseball Game: The Joe Carter Classic

When it comes to baseball, there are plenty of seats you can choose from. The best seats in the house, for a lot of people, are the ones that are usually the closest.

But what if those seats in the house, are trumped by something better?

On Friday, June 14th, we were invited to attend one event of the Joe Carter Classic, watching the Toronto Blue Jays play the Boston Red Sox. But this was not a normal trip to the ol’ Ball game, this was something way more. First Impression We got up to the 400 Executive Level where we were greeted by Toronto Blue Jays’ staff, escorting us to the big room overlooking the field.

This multi-levelled room spanned wide as well-dressed sports fanatics and professionals filled the spaces in between food, beverages and the views of the game. As soon as we walked we were surrounded by such great athletes, role models to many for the years they have brought to professional sports. Every time we recognized a player, we instantly thought of their last names and numbers that were on the back of the jerseys of onlooking fans anticipating just a small glimpse of them.

There was two auction tables that showcased different signed and iconic memorabilia that any fan of Toronto fan would love to have. Autographed pictures, signed jerseys, books about how iconic professionals got to where they are today.

1-Joe Carter Raw1

The Charity


The Joe Carter Scholarship Fund and Joe Carter Family Support Fund are wonderful organizations that gave the opportunity to two lucky individuals, Jessica Burke-Trebell of Oshawa, ON and Eleazer Muacasso-Shour of Waterloo, ON as this year’s recipients of Joe Carter Scholarships. This has helped them further to encouraging youth and telling their own personal stories to help others. Eleazer loves sharing his story of struggle and hustle to youth that aspire to be professionals one day, giving them the motivation to do so. While Jessica, a teacher, who educates young minds to help them start on the right path to success. They were both awarded $5000 for their award winning entries and they both really wanted to put their opportunity to good use.


“I want to congratulate Jessica and Eleazer and wish them continued success in their studies,” said Joe Carter, event co-chair and former Toronto Blue Jays star. “I’m truly in awe of all that they have accomplished, having overcome such incredible odds and adversity. It’s a great honour to play a part in helping them gain a better future.”

The Joe Carter Scholarship Fund and Joe Carter Family Support Fund have been around since 2010, raising funds and has pledged a combined $750,000 to benefit Children’s Aid Foundation, a charitable organization whose mission is to fund programs to give children the skills and hope for a promising future. For more information, visit

The Bottom Line

What made this the best way to watch a Baseball game?

It’s all about what surrounds you that made it great. With really interesting people, role models, bringing awareness to Children’s Aid Foundation, great food, refreshing drinks, being in an executive box, and sharing a space over looking a winning Toronto Blue Jays team, while standing next to the man that 20 years ago leaped and jumped the bases after winning the World Series made this the best way to watch a Baseball game.

1-Joe Carter Raw

What else?

Toronto Blue Jays won. 8-0.