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Infographic: A Guide To Men’s Shoes

A few years ago, Men’s shoe designs were lacking. Classic Black and brown dress shoes, Converse Sneakers, running shoes, and that really was the spectrum. It wasn’t until recently that colours, textures, and patterns (usually reserved for high-end shoes) are now found everywhere that sells soles. Here is a great guide to buying, pairing, and styling men’s shoes. A Guide To Men’s Shoes via Cool Daily Infographics  

Treccani Milano’s Bold and Beautiful Bespoke Shoes

[W]hat happens when you bring the freedom to be creative and actually build something you love, instead of building somebody else made? That something is beautiful, conversational, luxurious, one-of-a-kind, rare and your own, that something is shoes made by Treccani Milano. Located in heart of Yorkville, Treccani Milano brings style, elegance and power to the end user by giving you the ability to build your own custom shoes based on your how you want it to be. The Process: First off, you have to pick the style of shoe that you want. This is one of the most impressive things[Read More]

The Armani Man

The ‘Armani‘ Man Price: $2887.56 Armani is a brand that is known worldwide for its elegant design, luxurious style, and impeccable quality. Giorgio Armani is one of Italy’s most popular designers and continues to raise the bar in men’s and women’s Fashion. Armani consists of three brands, Armani Exchange, Giorgio Armani, and Emporio Armani, each bent on quality and style in their own ways. Giorgio Armani is a rarity in some parts in Canada, but definitely a conversation piece when it is worn. Here is a set of Armani items that would definitely help to shape an ‘Armani‘ Man. 1.[Read More]