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[Infographic] Suit Yourself: Your First Big Boy Suit

[Y]our first suit. It’s something that brings your wardrobe to the next level. A suit is so much more than just pants and a jacket, it’s a put together look that has purpose to it. When you get your first suit, that’s made to be worn as a suit, there is just something about it, a sharpness, a feeling you get when you put it on that makes you feel like a million bucks. The suit can be worn for almost any occasion, it’s there if you need it, like a best friend. If you want to be taken seriously in[Read More]

The Armani Man

The ‘Armani‘ Man Price: $2887.56 Armani is a brand that is known worldwide for its elegant design, luxurious style, and impeccable quality. Giorgio Armani is one of Italy’s most popular designers and continues to raise the bar in men’s and women’s Fashion. Armani consists of three brands, Armani Exchange, Giorgio Armani, and Emporio Armani, each bent on quality and style in their own ways. Giorgio Armani is a rarity in some parts in Canada, but definitely a conversation piece when it is worn. Here is a set of Armani items that would definitely help to shape an ‘Armani‘ Man. 1.[Read More]