Suit Yourself

[Infographic] Suit Yourself: Your First Big Boy Suit

[Y]our first suit. It’s something that brings your wardrobe to the next level. A suit is so much more than just pants and a jacket, it’s a put together look that has purpose to it. When you get your first suit, that’s made to be worn as a suit, there is just something about it, a sharpness, a feeling you get when you put it on that makes you feel like a million bucks.

The suit can be worn for almost any occasion, it’s there if you need it, like a best friend. If you want to be taken seriously in front of another person with a suit, or if you want to feel a new level of power, a suit can help you build up that confidence.

But there are downsides to suits, if they don’t fit properly, it can be nothing but a hinderance instead of a help. If the suit is too big then it looks like you are floating in it, and if too tight, the suit can look like a child’s suit. Both options won’t help with your overall appearance and body language.

So for those that are a first time buyer, or even want to gain some more knowledge about buying a suit, this is for you:


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