WearToday: The New App That Makes Your Wardrobe Social

Want some fashion inspiration? Love someone’s look but not sure where they got their clothes from?

The app, WearToday, is great solution for those problems…and more.

WearToday is a daily dairy for creatively dressed individuals. The ones who are checking out the blogs, people watching in the fashion districts, and stopping people on the street to ask what they are wearing. This is for you.

If you want to showcase your chops, style and swagger or get inspiration from some other stylish individuals, WearToday is a great app for that.

How does WearToday work?

1. Download the app

2. Open and create an account

3. (Fun part) Use the self-timer to take a full-body photo of you and your stylish outfit.

4. Share your outfit, discover and follow other fashion forward people who are also displaying their immaculate style.

LXRY Tip: Dressing well is important, so if you don’t dress well, this might be the app to put some new energy back in your closet!

Keeping Tabs

Keep tabs on your friends and fashion forward people by following them.

Keep tabs on their outfits.

Keep tabs on the different times you have worn the same shoes or keep tabs on everything you own!

For some, keeping tabs on everything you own might be eye-opening…you know who you are.

Have something amazing on that you want to show the world? Share your outfit on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and provoke them to try to get onto your level!

>> Start by downloading the app right now <<

You can learn about WearToday more here:

www | weartoday.com

Facebook | /WearTodayApp

Twitter |  @WearToday

Instagram | @WearToday