Bloor Street Entertains: The ROM Hosts The CANFAR Twilight Gala

Last Wednesday night, we were invited to attend the Royal Ontario Museum to cover the CANFAR Bloor Street Entertains! What a night it was!

First, we arrived to a wonderful venue and gala that was inspired by the prohibition time period. The Great Gatsby inspired event had wonderful swing dancers, soulful band, time pieced hair and attire, amongst the countless tuxedos and beautiful dresses worn by their significant and upstanding dates. From there, we went upstairs and enjoyed a great addition to the experience, a prehistoric background amongst the stylish foreground.


We must say, it was a one-of-a-kind experiencing wining and socializing amongst huge dinosaurs. It was quite the experience, we had a great time and we would like to thank CANFAR for the wonderful event and night.

“The 17th annual Bloor Street Entertains was everything we had hoped it would be and more,” said Christopher Bunting, CANFAR’s President and CEO. “There was an overwhelming amount of support from our partners, event sponsors and members of the community and we’re extremely grateful for everyone who attended the event. It’s the support and generosity shown at events like Bloor Street Entertains that will help us get one step closer to a future without AIDS.”

The Bottom Line

When it comes to reinventing your experience at the ROM, this was the night. With all of your trips when you were younger to see the prehistoric and ancient history that has been made, this gave that nostalgic feeling and then pushed it to another level. It was that aspect of familiarity to the ROM, but adding the well-dressed people, classy entertainment, and a beautiful soaring-ceilinged venue that made you feel like you were as tall as some of these dinosaurs that surrounded you. It was all for a great cause, the CANFAR has been doing so much for HIV and AIDS research and we were privileged to be apart of this great night.

Some quick facts about CANFAR:

– Since 1987, CANFAR has awarded more than $18 million to HIV and AIDS research projects.

– To date, CANFAR has funded more than 450 HIV and AIDS research projects.

– Since the first Bloor Street Entertains in 1997, this glamorous gala has raised more than $5 million for CANFAR to help fund vital HIV and AIDS research.

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