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Building Atmosphere: Artemano Opens Up First Store in Toronto

Your home… It’s something that brings you joy, brings you a place to relax after a long day and also starts your day off. It protects your family and is a place that you spend your most time in. But a house is not a home, until you make it a home. You add your small touches; you add your feelings, emotions, thoughts, and creativity. You want someone to come into the room and feel what you had in mind with the room; you want someone to compliment, add their thoughts and have it open to discussion. You want to be proud of your home; you want to be proud about the atmosphere you developed for it.

Your home is an extension of you, of your details, of your thoughts, and of your feelings. But it’s tough building an atmosphere that is not only for you, but also for others to enjoy as well. You want your place to be warm, inviting, and to have it’s own personality and story.

But how do you build an atmosphere comfortable for you and others to enjoy?

Enter Artemano

Artemano, is here to help to add some feeling and emotion to create inviting rooms. Building atmospheres can be challenging, but after setting foot into the new Artemano store at Castlefield and Caledonia Road in Toronto, you might start to know what we mean.


We had the privilege of being taken on an exclusive tour with the staff and owners of the Artemano business before their Grand Opening that happened October 30th with special guest Chantal Kreviazik providing a wonderful performance.

Upon entering the store, we were greeted by a beautiful wood piece that looked, itself, like a piece of art. With so many details, curves, shapes, and erosions, it definitely had the ‘wow’ factor there. After the welcoming handshake of the owner Shimon Finkelstein, and a nice cup of warm tea with lives used from their olive tree centerpiece, we were taken through the store to see the full collection of what Artemano brought to the Toronto people, and it didn’t disappoint.

We first came across a beautiful wood table, then bringing for a wonderful bedroom set with an amazing canopy on top with light pouring through the detailed cuts of the canopy.

The Artemano Pieces

The olive tree symbolized the whole essence of the business. A symbol of the growth and it is the life source of the business. The idea of having a living aspect as the centerpiece of the business definitely added to the whole environment of what Artemano wanted to create, a living store with atmosphere in mind. When constructing this store the make or break of choosing this location was the workers cutting a hole in the ceiling to let natural sunlight in for the olive tree to grow and flourish. They were explaining to us that if there was no skylight, there was no business there.

What is interesting about the skylight is that it acts as a natural spotlight for the furniture around it. Over the time we were there, the natural light poured onto the details of the rich wood tables and then across to the dining set’s bench and over to one of our favourite pieces, the self-standing table. All of which brought a focus on those items and when getting closer, you can see more of the rich details that each piece has. It was a wonderful effect.


Other things like water flowing, swimming fish and small waterfalls are also present in the other Montreal and Quebec stores, and the same level of detail was included in the Toronto location.

The owners explained to us that there are imperfections in the wood, but that’s what makes it all part of it. The way the light hits it, the process and story related to these pieces and the wonderful details that each piece has tells it’s own story.

We asked the owners of Artemano to describe their perfect compliment when one of their potential clients is interested in a piece. They explained that their perfect compliment doesn’t come from speech, it comes from body language and how they physically react to the furniture, and it shows their passion and mind being provoked from each piece.

The Bottom Line

These pieces are awe-inspiring and beautiful freestanding art with most pieces keeping the originality and heritage of each piece, as it’s main focus. With the pieces providing atmosphere, personality, stories, and a conversation starter for any room in your home. If you want to build a home, build an inviting place where you can enjoy spending most of your time in, be sure to see the pieces at Artemano, you will be very impressed. Plus, you don’t have to say anything; your body language will say it all.

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